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Full Version: Colorado Hunter Gulch, outside of Salida
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Type GPS Coordinates into Google search......a map will pop up.

38 29.884N 106 9.007W

There are probably thousands of good dispersed camping sites off of highway 285 in Colorado.

The above is the one that we stayed at for one evening while out geocaching.  We took CR212 into the area.   Our G20 Chevy Van had fine clearance for the road.  

We were camped by the beautiful Pass Creek.  We did see bear tracks left in the mud from the recent snow......also some moose tracks.

There may have been a handful of vehicle traffic........mostly seemed to know where they were going.  Other than that is was quiet.

No service for us......we had some bars for phone but not enough for internet.   We had our geocaches already downloaded for offline use.
Why would you take 31 Infinty Babe into the area?