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Full Version: Just a few more days....
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Finally, after months of frustrating delay, and massive car-life education and preparation, Tuesday's departure day is nearly here. 

Funny, how all those many weeks draaaaaaaaggged.  Until the last five days.  Then suddenly, it seems three more days isn't enough time, even though there's only a few fairly simple things to accomplish on each day's checklist.  Suddenly, I don't know if I'm really, really, ready to say goodbye, probably forever, to friends in this park, and head out on the road again, alone again. 

I don't know why I'm suddenly... reluctant.  I've brutally torn up roots many times, packing up the car and driving cross-country to start a new life alone in a new state 5-6 times in the last 30 years.  Maybe because this time I'm 30 years older; expectations of a bright future ahead have waned, heh.

And too, before, I've always sold everything before leaving, leaving behind an empty apartment or house.  But the snowbird buyers who bought the house also bought the contents, because they love everything I've done.  It just feels so dang weird to leave EVERYthing behind in this house, to think of them sleeping on my sheets, watching my TV, looking at my wall pictures, using my pots and pans and dishes, using my tools and weeding my gardens.  It feels as though I'm leaving behind a shrine to myself, LOL!!

.... and maybe it's because, this time there's no goal I'm driving to, no starting all over in another state... just staying on the road, wandering, wandering wandering.  I'm totally NOT a fearful person, but that last bit, that's radically new for me, that's all. Undecided

Oh well, everything will feel different on Tuesday, I'm sure! Big Grin
Feeling this way is a normal part of the process. 

If you're like most of us, the last time you experienced life with no schedules and no agenda items, you were about 3 years old. It does take some getting used to. Give yourself the chance to remember how it's done.
Freedom at last!
I'm so excited for you. How cool that you found people to buy your whole sticks and bricks life from you... would love to know about your travels as they unfold before you.
I know the feeling,,at 52 ive spent most my life traveling, then i had kids at 40 (i know huh), i swore i would always be there for my kids, Well, this time next year my daughter will be 15 (we are very close, her mom and i only live 1 mile apart) I am trying to get her to go with me, she already does school online, but either way, we have talked, she gets it, she made me promise to base out of okla city, that way no matter what every few months i have to come home & no matter what, I am never more than 15-20hrs from home, She says "Do it Dad, I have a entire life in front of me, You are old, Whether I come along, or not, or part time it with you sometimes, Go have fun, you always have a home" 
As long as I have her blessing, I cant wait until this time next year when im ready to go
Thanks for the enthusiasm, much appreciated!  The three-month stall has dulled my excitement for leaving.  Instead of a whole summer to wander and see new and favorite places, winter's coming... all those places will have to wait until next summer.  I've had way too much time to think, especially being the philosophical sort who overthinks things anyway, and invests them with too much meaning when given free rein. Wink

Juan, that's great that your daughter is so understanding at such a young age; you are lucky to have her!  Had to chuckle at her "You are old" comment when you are only 52.  We always appear so old to the young, no matter our age. I still remember my generation's war-cry: "Never trust anyone over 30!" LOL
Happy that your new adventure is coming soon!

yea normal to feel 'off' with no destination or landing strip in the end, this one is wander, wander but you will love it!!
"a whole summer to wander and see new and favorite places, winter's coming... all those places will have to wait until next summer."

So start on the winter places agenda instead...places with warm weather that need exploring.
GypsyJan, you are right, I have to shift my plans from the north I'd planned to revisit, to the southwest where I'm totally unfamiliar... lots to learn and see. Smile
I'm a confirmed tree and rain lover.

But I sure fell in love with the desert in winter. It's spectacular.

There are vandwellers in the high desert right now. Ask in the "camp together" subforum.