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Full Version: changing password
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i am having lots of trouble logging onto and then changing my password. i have tried at least 6 times but it is not working. i keep getting the message: wrong username/password combo. hit the forgot my password option. got a computer generated password (holy crap does it have to be soooo long??). get back into the website and try to change my password but the computer won't take the new password. no prompt that it doesn't meet the requirements. it just won't update. when i hit login both bars (username and password just go blank. i even tried just making a new account. but i can't use the same e-mail address and i only have one.
You can change the password manually on your computer.
On Firefox:
Go to the very top right of the screen, where you see three little lines. Click on it.
From the drop-down menu choose  "Logins and Passwords"  click on it
From the list that appears choose ""
Top-Right there is an "Edit" button.
Click on that, and  change the Password or username to the new one.