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Full Version: Wife has given me the green light
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Since our plan to buy some WY land recently fell through we are kind of left with what to do now. The wife knows how much I love to travel and explore so she is cool with the idea of us continuing to downside and sell our current home, reduce our needed income to afford a smaller space, and let me get a vehicle to do some solo traveling. 

She's not much of a traveler. She mostly likes to be home and comfy. As for me, I don't need much and can be fine camping and sleeping in my Xterra. So for the time being it looks like we'll be staying in this area (MO) but with me hitting the road from time to time at least until we reach the point where we both can retire and hit the road together on a full time basis in something with a little more comfort. 

I guess I can count myself lucky. I have a beautiful wife that's understanding and tolerates my moods and need to explore. 

Now I need to do some serious researching and decide what type of vehicle I want to go with. I'm sure in the beginning it'll be me in the X but I may upgrade to a van or even a short C at some point. 

--Kevin - a soon-to-be part timer!
There are some great smaller trailers that might make your wife happy, including some of the ruggedized off road tear drops.

I have a similar sized space to your XTerra in my
mid sized pickup and I still love it, having it set up just so.

Have you set up your rig to sleep inside?
Congrats. Kevin. My wife never complains about anything I do. Because she left before years agoSmile. Keep us posted on your progress we like to hear the stories.
(09-26-2020, 01:50 PM)DLTooley Wrote: [ -> ]Have you set up your rig to sleep inside?
I have but my current system is limited. I had ideas about making my own rooftop tent with an awning/screen around the lift gate. There's limited headroom to sleep inside and I don't like that. I figure I can use the RTT for comfortable sleeping and awning area for cooking/cleaning. I think with a system like this I could last a few days without needing a full on shower. Also it would be cheap and easy enough to put together and get me out there sooner.
Xterra sleep setup.
I cook off my tail. I’ve got an awning, but only use it sometimes. A good camp chair is definitely a requirement.

The rig is just for sleeping, and mine needs to be unpacked. Not stealthy.
This will be a blog I watch with interest. Like you, my wife is not a traveler, at least not by driving. I purchased a van similar to yours and will be outfitting it too. I have built a bed and working on the cabinet/storage unit. I am interested in how you plan to lay out your van.
An awning may subject you to more inspection by the authorities as a camper rather than an ordinary vehicle. It is worth its weight in gold if you want to keep the heat from being as brutal, though. You'll find every range of opinion on one's value, to be sure. It's one of the biggest quality-of-life features, as they say, imaginable. Sun in a small space is catastrophic and in short order.
As to awnings. I have a homemade one which is just a high-quality tarp by high quality I mean not the blue cheapies but One that the sun can shine through. I drilled holes in the gutter on the driver side of my van and put rings in there that I can clip carabiners and Cord too. That way I can keep the tarp partway on the passenger side Roof in order to keep water from running in between the van and the awning. I bought a couple of cheap extendable tent poles. It works the whole deal for less than $60 a little time to set it up but it’s worth it. If I had a more permanent location I think a larger tarp that I could drive under in order to keep some of the sun off the van Plus room under the tarp for whatever might be a good thing. Here in the east the sun is not as much a problem as the rain. God bless the nomads in sunshine and rain.