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Full Version: A friendly remind about quoting and replying to posts
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This was written and posted in 2016 by Cyndi, one of our wonderful moderators who is currently taking a break. Since we have many new members it's time for another reminder.

It's been awhile since we've had this discussion. So, here goes...

In an effort to save band width and help members with limited data or out in the boonies with slow loading internet (a webpage that reloads and reloads uses more data) we've always had policies with regard to quoting and using the reply button.

When replying to the original post there is no need to quote.

When replying to the post directly above your new post there is no need to quote. It's all about the flow of conversation

If you do quote or use the reply button, trim your quote to include only the portion of the post to which you are replying.

When using the quote or reply button trim any pictures out of the quote

You don't HAVE to use the quote or reply button.

You can use upward arrows, one for each post in between yours and the post to which you are responding. (^^^)

You can answer by referring to someone by name

I know we discussed other ways, but I don't remember them so feel free to clue me in

Thanks for your consideration
I guess you have to try. Best of luck.

I'm glad to hear that Cyndi is just taking a break.
Every time that I see a cattleguard, I think of Cyndi.
A good suggestion for readability in general,, however  limited data plans that are expensive are a thing of the past. Nobody should be on a severely limited data plan anymore,  not with companies like visible that have unlimited data  with Hotspot for $25. Also I thought a lot of that stuff could be turned off on these newer forums.
(10-08-2020, 08:38 PM)Itripper Wrote: [ -> ]visible that have unlimited data  with Hotspot for $25.
Thank YOU! It works great!
May I suggest that if the "Reply option were removed and members only had Quote and Quick Reply options that 90 percent of this issue would disappear.