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Full Version: A way to donate almost any vehicle and help fund HOWA's programs
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Donated Minivans, Cars, SUVs, and Trucks will go directly to someone who needs a safe and secure home on wheels. Consider donating and delivering your vehicle to HOWA during our next build event. We need vehicles that are in good physical and mechanical condition, model year 2000 and newer, with less than 130,000 miles. Contact us at about your vehicle gift, an IRS tax-deductible eligible donation. 

All other donated vehicles, running or not, go through our new partner CARS (Charitable Adult Rides & Services) with HOWA receiving 70% of the revenue from their sale. We’ll even take airplanes and large machinery, as long as it has an engine and is in one piece. You, the donor, get free pick-up and a tax receipt. Go to and enter Homes on Wheels Alliance in the "Search Charity" box or call 855-500-7433 for more information.
What about RVs?
"All other donated vehicles"...
Yes, RVs too.
HOWA got it's first CARS donation! One of the recipients of a No-build Minivan build donated her car.
Does anyone know of there is a resource for people whose vehicle broke down when it was the only place for them to live?
HOWA does all sorts of good things, just look back through the thread or contact them.
HOWA's programs for nomads are here:
If the vehicle is repairable the emergency fund may be the best resource.
If the vehicle is not repairable then apply for a minivan. Applications will not be taken until Feb or March so maybe apply for a loaner tent until then.
I know a guy in LA who does custom builds but he also started a small npo , he helps with mechanics and some build for those in need. I think it is LA-centric; are you there, or can you be, or where are you? I am going to find his contact info, pm me if you want more info.