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Full Version: Entertainment while boondocking, specifically radio.
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Does XM still have the lifetime subscriptions? How much does it cost?
Ziggy - no lifetime available.  it was linked to the specific radio at the time.  suppose you can find someone with a radio and lifetime, and buy the radio from them.  good luck on that, as you would need to trust that it is a valid deal.
I think npr is available everywhere on any radio.  they have very strong stations everywhere.  highdesertranger
Here in Wisconsin I can easily get 3 NPR stations--one locally, one from Minnesota, and one that comes from Madison but broadcasts locally on a different frequency.  It makes it easy to dodge their money begging.  I've heard that in northern Wisconsin though it is hard to get a listenable signal in places.  I don't know what it might be like in other boonies.
I'm way too picky about my tunes and can't stand most radio stations, so I say : IPOD. 
Last year I got NPR loud and clear from the UP of Michigan, through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and most of the way across North Dakota.  That's the best FM radio I've ever picked up outside a big city.
I am at the RTR outside Flagstaff and getting at least two NPR stations.  Also I am picking up 15 stations on a home made TV antenna that cost less than $3.00 to make.

But nature has enough things that we can do to entertain ourselves without the madness of society being broadcast in.
On top of Grand Mesa just east of Grand Junction Co the only thing i could pick up was NPR, now i have XM listen to cnbc, cnn, fox all sorts of music.


I rock pandora on my phone all the time.  Makes working on the van much more tolerable.
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