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Full Version: Entertainment while boondocking, specifically radio.
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I was wondering if anyone uses satellite radio while out in the boonies or shortwave radio which would be interesting as well?
I have thought about satellite but have never had the mad money to go for it.  so I use an am/fm, shortwave.  the internet really hit the shortwave stations hard.  not as many as there used to be.  however the radio also receives am/fm and does this quite well.  keeps me entertained.  around sunset am comes in real strong.  another plus is it's a real energy miser.  highdesertranger
I'd imagine there would be some good bounce from distant AM stations at night.  I remember that from when I was a kid in the early 60s before FM took off.  I'd want to use the radio more for talk and information rather than music.  By "talk and information" I mean the type you'd get from NPR.

When I bought my car new 6 years ago it came with a satellite radio and 3 free months.  I never paid for it because although there were lots of stations, actually too many for me to keep track of, not many had much I wanted to listen to and I have 3 local NPR stations to choose from.  One of them has a "chapter a day" program that would be great to listen to out in the boonies.  I've never gotten too old to enjoy listening to a book read to me like when I was in grade school.
I have had a lifetime subscription to XM for years. Also have a shortwave/am/fm radio. Both have their place. AM for local news and weather. XM for, well, as i enjoy Jazz, i can tune into Watercolors 24 hours a day if i want. Also i enjoy Bluegrass, there it is. Anytime. As i luv my Kentucky Wildcat's basketball, EVERY game is there. Ever have one of those nights ya just cannot sleep? That's when i break out the shortwave. Ranger has a point about the batteries. The AM and shortwave radio's are easy on batteries. XM is a battery eater. BIG TIME. But, IMHO, worth it. If i had to choose just one, 10 times out of 10, XM.
Those are my thoughts, probally not for all tho. Good luck
I didn't realize that XM radio is a battery eater.  Does that mean that when I listened in my car that it was sucking more juice than FM or AM? 

I can see how satellite radio would be great if you are a sports fan since they cover nearly every sport and team.  Also I can see how it is good at playing niche musical preferences.  It's certainly nice to have these available for listening when you're out of Dodge.
When i had bought the XM, (B4 the merge with sirus) i had bought a boombox for when i am outside. Never did notice the drain on the battery in the truck tho. Or van. The boombox i had got runs on 12v/120/or batteries. If ya do go with the XM, look online for a antenna. The mouse type that comes with the radio i ok most of the time. In the long run, a really good antenna will pay for itself.  Sort of keep a eye out online at the XM web site, quiet often, one can buy the whole package at a discount.  Started to say enchallada, was not sure of the spellin so i did not use it. By the by, if ya live in the Northwest where you get thru Oregon, would have one ya could have for nothing. XM radio only.
I also have a lifetime subscription to satellite radio.  I expect it to work everywhere.  If it worked on the side of a mountain in dense jungle in southern will work anywhere!  I'm looking for a new car kit to be installed in my new camper van.  

I don't watch TV, so this is where I get my news.  I love talk radio!  I enjoy listening to Rock stations when I need to do something like housework and need motivation.  One of these days I'll actually go through all the stations and see what all is there.
I pay year to year for my XM radio.  its worth it to my on long five hour drives.  or while out in the boondocks.  
Does XM radio have talk stations?
Sure do. What ever you want, good, bad, or right down the between.  Then there is road kill.... Or, howard what's his name
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