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Full Version: Boondocking near Palm Springs CA
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As of tomorrow afternoon I'll be living in my truck(camper soon). I've scoped out quite a few spots I can stealth park/sleep part of the time. But I want to find somewhere I can go for dispersed camping the rest of the time. Not easy to find spots here! Yes, Slab City, but too far as I work part time in Palm Springs. I found out about BLM land at Morongo Valley Preserve. No overnight camping allowed. So far, all I've found is Whitewater Preserve. It's free, tent camping, limit to 3 days. Anybody aware of anything within a gallon of gas of Palm Springs? lol 
Ocotillo Wells...but that is probably further than Slab City. I am not far from you...Hemet. Maybe try camp host at one of the RV resorts out there? Best of luck
Check the casino.
hey just saw your post under living in a truck.  gave you a tip there.  this time of year you need elevation.  3.5 degrees less for every 1,000 ft.  highdesertranger 
There is BLM land near Mecca and near the south entrance of Joshua Tree NP.