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Full Version: Upon leaving what is more than a house, but a home.
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Again, I sure wish this "General Questions" forum was nearer the top than the bottom because so many don't scroll down this far and may miss some things that apply to all of us no matter what vehicle we may have.

The adventure and romance of the open road beckons us as we long to shed the burdens of our houses or apartments.  Yes, the money we will save, the freedom we will have.  But...what if your house has been your home for many years and the memories of your life are wrapped within it?  Is it so easy to casually walk or drive away from it then if circumstances are not making you leave?

I have lived for 22 years in a small mobile home, a trailer, that is now 46 years old.  Twenty two years is half of my adult life.  My house looks nice on the outside and is neat, clean, and comfortable on the inside, decorated with an unusual and personal touch.  It is in a nice mobile home park, just a block from a river yet just a couple of miles from the downtown and from the mall.  Yet these are just things that make my house a nice place to live, but did not make it my home.

What made my house my home are the memories of my daughter, now 22, who grew up living with her mother but spent much time here and mine is the only home that she has known all of her life.  From where I type this in my living room I can envision her playing as a toddler, falling asleep in the recliner watching a Lord of the Rings marathon when she was a young teen, holding her cat that I had to keep from a kitten and put to sleep at age 19 last summer.  I have a bedroom that still has the Winnie the Pooh decorations stuck to the wall.

This old trailer is alive with memories that I find myself having become interwoven with it to the point where even writing about this is bringing tears to my eyes.  Yet I know I will leave this place one way or another, by choice or by chance, by circumstances beyond my control.  Trailers don't last forever and although mine is still solid it probably doesn't have too many more years left in it.  Also, I don't own the land and although the lot rent is dirt cheap, $230/month, the mobile home court is on a river with massive apartment complex on one side and a hotel on the other with multi hundred thousand dollar houses on the other side of the river.  This was once on the flood plain, but no more.  The land is now worth some big bucks and the owner has retired and is letting her kids run the place.  One day it's likely they would take the money and run and it would be everybody out and even if my place could move there would be nowhere for it to go.  That's what actually got me started a couple of years ago about having an alternative plan, one that would allow me to actually live on my meager retirement funds.  That is how I came to vandwelling.

That is just my story.  Anyone who is seriously considering becoming a fulltimer has one.  Maybe they're just leaving a house or an apartment or just a place where they keep their stuff.  Maybe more, but I'm sure there are lots of different stories and it would be interesting to hear about how others have left behind where they have lived and how hard or easy it may have been.  Our choice of abode doesn't define us but it can become a part of us.
Thank you for sharing your story, your memories.
You are welcome. It's an aspect of fulltiming that I don't really see addressed.The leaving of where you live, perhaps for a long time, is missing the human element and often seems to be treated casually.
Once Again, I Agree with the General Questions suggestion, Wemble!

Also, I enjoyed the read.

I'm getting the glitch here again of text being strung down the page a couple of characters wide.  I hope it's just me.  What I'm seeing is from my #3 post in this thread.

Ziggy Moon, I've participated in online forums for many years and I've found people most often view the top of a list of forums without scrolling down toward the bottom.  Questions that apply to everyone are most often near the top of a forum list so more will see and read them and respond.
Yep, I see the scrolling text also!
Again- I have noted the requests about changes to the forum. As I said before, we will be undergoing some improvements and upgrades shortly. Please be patient and it will all get done eventually!
The scrolling text is gone now for me.
Cause I've been fixing it as fast as I can :-) I will be going to sleep soon, so any reoccurences will have to wait til I wake up....
Thanks for sharing Wemble.
I can see your point of view but there is another perspective to that.

I left the home where I raised my son, and even though I don't have the house anymore, I still have the memories. Walls and floors don't necessarily make a home... the love inside does.  That love and those memories will go where ever you do. If you need a visual reminder... there are always photos.

The whole point in life should be to be happy where you live... whether that is living in a mobile home park, a house, apartment, in a van, or an RV on land or park. I was happy in my house when my son was there. Once my son was gone it just became a house that was too much for one person. It was a lot to maintain and no reason left to maintain it.  My son was off on his own life (as it should be).

Once I hashed through all of that and came to that conclusion... I started considering the vandwelling lifestyle.  I shed the house, bought the van and was setting it up, But catastrophic family events changed my plans (I lost my mother and uncle 4 months apart).   After the two years it took to handle the affairs of both those estates, gas prices had gone from around $2.50 to where they are now. I no longer saw vandwelling as a sustainable lifestyle for myself.  So I bought and RV and a piece of land.... I could not be happier... the RV is easy to maintain, I take care of the land around the rv... the rest of it takes care of it's self.

But anyway ... If your position is short lived, think of an obtainable life that will make you happy and strive for that!

NOTE ON FORUM.... I have had that problem of the downward page post.... I have a slow internet connection and found that is was adding some html in front of my post.... my connection was slow enough that I could keep editing till I saw it... then delete it.  But it only happen when I tried to copy and past someone's ID so that I could reply directly to them.
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