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Full Version: NOMADLAND donates to HOWA
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From a HOWA Facebook posting.............1/1/21........WOW I'm impressed !

""Please join me in thanking Nomadland Productions for their very generous gift in support of Homes On Wheels Alliance (HOWA).  Their $75,000 donation will go a long ways in our work to help Nomads in need.

Nomadland is a new movie from Searchlight Pictures, currently slated to come out on February 19th (COVID permitting).  Two-time Oscar winner Frances McDormand offers a quiet yet commanding performance as a newbie Vandweller.  Yet, most of the actors are real Nomads, including several in co-staring roles -- Charlene Swankie and Linda May. Check out the trailer at ... featuring our own Bob Wells of CheapRVLiving and President of HOWA's Board of Trustees.

Although my role in the movie is small, my experiences related to it loom large for me.  I loved working with the film's creators and sharing the "movie RTR" set with many more Nomad friends who you will see in the movie.

Thank you Nomadland Productions.  I'm filled with such appreciation for the care you took to depict our lifestyle with such authenticity.  And now, with this gift, am even more grateful that HOWA is part of Nomadland's legacy.

Suanne Carlson
Executive Director
Homes On Wheels Alliance, Inc""

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Wow, I'm amazed and impressed! That's wonderful. I love the work HOWA does to help people find van-home independence.
It is nice to see people give back!
Impressive and unusual. Many thanks!
I'm waiting for the movie to come out.
Thank you nomad land productions, and everyone who worked on the production.
What a sweet tale.
What a generous act!

Thanks for posting.
Thanks for posting!
Thanks abnorm for posting the information from facebook about Nomadland's generous contribution. Here is a link to the official trailer that features Bob:

I've removed the link to the pirated copy of the movie. Nomadland Productions has been so generous with us, that I don't want us to participate in any way to cheat them. Plus it's illegal.

Thank you.

Note: I've also removed a post that referred to the illegal movie's inclusion of Instragram messages. There are no such messages in the real, legal copy of the movie.
I have seen the real legal copy of the movie, excellent!!!! I believe it is great that they were so generous to HOWA, I hope it helps many people. Congratulations to such a excellent company.
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