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Full Version: No. Dakota, Montana, Idaho
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We are looking for areas to camp in No. Dakota, Montana, and Idaho. Any suggestions?
there was a guy inviting people to camp free in idaho if they wanted to visit.  on here in the past.  You maye have to search for his discussion and see if the offer stands

Montana - anywhere near Glacier National Park.  Most beautiful park ever.
Welcome to the forums! I can't recommend a specific spot but here are some good resource links
Thank you so much for the information!
Well I'm the guy allowing free camping on my land in Idaho.  But I can also tell you lots of places to do so within 150 miles of myself (my stomping ground when I grew up).  Correction: I never actually grew up, who wants to.  If you get into southeast Idaho, give me a call, I can make suggestions or you can shoot the bullcrap with me.  Can't believe the word beginning with S is banned on this site.  They own it I suppose so I won't scream first amendment rights.  Had to repost this as a result, shooting the ___ is an old expression and usually considered pg but the site owners must be super picky.  Whatever I suppose, everybody poops ;P
Can't blame me for that always makes me edit out my bad words, cause I always forget :-) I don't know who manages the cuss words....
My brother-in-law has a patch of undeveloped land somewhere near Driggs, ID. He uses it for fly fishing. The last I saw of it, he had a platform for a wall tent. I need to ask him about me boondocking there. If he's up for that, then I'll ask him about letting others stay there, too.
Driggs has some beautiful land around it, and depending on your locale and how close to driggs property can go from fairly cheap to only the super rich can afford it.  It has kind of become one of those places the wealthy were building their vacation / golf homes in near Jackson Hole.  Not sure in the last couple of years if the boom up there has slowed or not, been out of construction, but the area has some really nice spots.
Thanks again for all the great information. I will definitely check everything out!
I'm a noob here but have a little experience in long term traveling and camping.  I can provide several great locations for boondocking in North West Montana.  Some of them are in pretty remote wilderness areas; that means wolves and bears. I prefer not to publicly advertise these places so they don't become overused.  PM me if you are looking for a spot to spend several weeks off the beaten path.
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