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Full Version: any of you love fulltime nomad life but only because of technology?
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Oh they're on the forum, they may not post as much but they are here.  and I imagine many who have every piece of camping tech that can fit in their van would still live the life if all they had was a mattress and ice chest, the gadgets just make things easier. 

 And nobody is saying bare bones nomads are less important, I was just wondering if the explosion in numbers of van dwellers is more economic realities or the tech has reached a point where there is just enough comfort on the road today to make this a viable option for a number of people who would have been miserable as vandwellers 15-20 years ago.
I think technology can be a great way to support the nomadic lifestyle for sure. I'm slowly building towards working 100% remotely so that i can continue to make a living while I am on the road. It would require me to stay within range of service, but i think that is a small price to pay in order to make a living and still do what i love.
Many people just can’t get used to living outside. Heating and cooling options are no where near what many already have in their sticks and bricks house.
It depends on how you define technology.  
The biggest technology advancement was the rise of the internal combustion engine in transportation.  Before that the economy could not support many 'nomads'.
Actually Nomads were actually MORE common prior to to the automobile in the 1800's there were many people living in their wagons going from town to town trading goods or doing odd jobs. also you had(and still have) Gypsies and Irish travelers who had a completely mobile lives.

[Image: History1.jpg]

 plus snake oil salesmen who lived in their wagons and they had to be able to leave town at a moments notice out of fear of being tarred and feathered.

[Image: snake-oil-salesman-arthur-bohlmann.jpg]
Cue Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves". Good song!

I'm not full time but am on my second winter out here in the desert. I wouldn't do this without today's technology. A weekend camping trip with a girlfriend (which I do not currently have) maybe. A weekend. That's all I'm givin' up.

Tonight, I'm sitting in my van with my own power plant watching Pure Prairie League doing 'Amy' on YouTube, sipping hot coffee with my Wave 3 heater keeping me toasty. That's what does it for me. Gotta go now. Junior Brown's on
I bought my first computer in 1983. Of course back then it was a telephone line modem and a desktop computer. When traveling I would stop off at a library and logon to my email account using their computers. So I have been computers for communication while car camping since the early 90s. I used my laptop and a microsoft GPS device while on a 3 week long camping trip to France in 2008. It was easy for that trip as by then there was a lot of public wifi around. But even before that in the mid 1990's I took a laptop along on road trips and used it to log onto my email accounts and forums I belonged to.

Maybe I was just an early adapter? All I can say is it feels perfectly normal to me but I appreciate the convenience of cell phones and tablets with data plans versus trying to get passwords to log onto a public wifi. But there are times when I still use public wifi but not without having a VPN service loaded on my devices.
(03-12-2021, 02:30 PM)JDub Wrote: [ -> ]Cue Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves". Good song!

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darn I thought the exact same  Thumbs Up
Digital's a THING!

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