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Full Version: any of you love fulltime nomad life but only because of technology?
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Long ago my first time out on the road in my original Van I had nothing in the way of Tech.  About all there was then were a few Tourist Information pavilions in the roadside rest stops.  They offered maps and brochures of attractions in the area & state.  Aside from that I had a Rand McNalley Campground Atlas that covered most of the mid-Atlantic States.

I realized Truck Stops where drivers loitered were great places to gain information.  They spoke of Radar Detectors, and CB Radio's as "a great leap forward" in their industry.  But they laughed at my Van explaining to me that I probably wouldn't need a radar detector in a rig like mine. (they didn't even think it would go much over 55 mph)  But in the case of local LEO's it could be handy.  It was the first Tech stuff I encountered.

In the last couple of years when I went out on the road I had my Cell, tiny 40 channel CB, Laptop, and Dash Cam.  The ever increasing number of apps for Cells makes life on the road so much easier now.
Still my rig is pretty much a non build, so I don't have solar or carry a generator to make extended trips.
I do have a small chemical toilet but use public facilities as much as possible.

As a kid I did a lot of camping & fishing on weekends.  By teen years I went out for a week at a time often backpacking and carrying a tent.  But today a steel tent with Tech would be the way I'd travel and
likely be spoiled by.
Started mostly (90%) full-timing/boondocking in 1988 with a 21' Travelcraft class A(anybody remember those?). Went full-timing a year later. No technology other than a radio and a purchased CB. Great fun... Got a cell phone in 1991.

Now a Roadtrek Class B with all the bells and whistles. Back to 75%-90% full-timing. A lot of boondocking. No sure it's a better time but certainly is a lot easier. BUT going down the road not knowing was vastly more adventurous.

(03-13-2021, 01:26 PM)dcbinvt Wrote: [ -> ]No sure it's a better time but certainly is a lot easier. BUT going down the road not knowing was vastly more adventurous.

I like this cause I feel this way too.   I loved not knowing and more on an edge of what if but the tech etc makes life more 'normal updated every day life' for me which is what I do like, but even with it, oh yea there are still a ton of adventures to be had with some tech in our lives.   Liked your post Smile    Adventures are adventures, tech or no tech out on the road Smile
I used to love camping or rather primitive RVing with my family and the Girl Scouts in NorCal, Mexico (as far as Hermosillo and the entire Southwest. All I have is a phone a laptop and an Autoclub card. Not judging if you want a tv and other stuff but I love nature and for me technology ruins it. A very spoiled friend made a comment about Nomadland and about how you could get one of those monster Class A RVs and be just like at home (nicer than some homes inside) and I can’t figure out the point of that. I’d like to ask someone but don’t want to be rude.
They want the comforts of S&B life without the obligation that comes with it modern tech is making that possible. they can see the country on the open road and watch netflix when they are caught in bad weather.
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