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Hi all,

I was wondering for those that use campgrounds if you've ever encountered problems using "tent" or "primitive" sites.  If I don't need hookups the tent sites are often cheaper and more peaceful, but I worry someone will kick me out if I don't set up a tent.  Anyone have experiences to share in this regard?  Thanks!
Buy the cheapest tent you can find and set it up every time you camp in the tent area. Then, if you happen to fall asleep in your van or whatever probably no one will care.
I have always just carried a cheap little pop up tent. Many campgrounds require you have something set up to verify you are occupying the site and things like folding chairs and smaller get stolen. My tent is like the dash protectors with built in springy wire hoops and folds flat with just a twist of the wrists. I think it was made for children indoors, cost me $2 at a garage sale! I just set it out and throw something heavy in it to keep it from blowing away as it has a floor.
Some primitive tent sites are walk in only, some tent sites are their own loop, some places won’t let vehicle dwellers use tent sites.

Some federal campgrounds say “tents only”, and whether you can stay in a vehicle in a tent site may depend mostly on where the site is and if there is a ranger or camp host monitoring.

My bet would be the more popular campgrounds near heavy tourist locations are likely the most strict.
Just curious if they come around at night with a flashlight to see where you are sleeping?
When I camp hosted in the national forest, I enjoyed the vans because they were cleaner campers with less impact on the site.

However, some sites are best apreciated with a tent hidden back from the road, and are set up that way, with the flat spot at the end of the trail. You will want to bring some leveling pads for sloping parking spots.

Please do not make a road to a tent site that is walk in. Yes you have a winch and can move those logs and boulders. But don't. They have been placed to preserve the site and the plants and animals living there.
Checking if you are sleeping in there would be impractical. What if you were in the outhouse, fishing or out viewing the night sky when they came by? Any number of reasons you might not be in the tent.
(03-19-2021, 01:27 PM)B and C Wrote: [ -> ]Checking if you are sleeping in there would be impractical.  What if you were in the outhouse, fishing or out viewing the night sky when they came by?  Any number of reasons you might not be in the tent.
Agree. The host is busy and once you have paid & ID provided you are good to go. If the neighbors complain, then the host will come back and sort it out. Otherwise, no further checking.
I have no probs sleeping in my tent - love it. I usually set up everything in there anyway and it's where I spend most of my indoor time. The sites closest to me at the local CoE parks allow vehicles on the dry campsites so I set up my SUV tent and sleep in it while the rest of the stuff goes into the tent. Very comfy.

I'm not sure it would be worth it to me to set up a fake tent every time. I switched to sleeping under the stars or a tarp if it looked like rain for my camping style to avoid tent setup and take down...and well because the fresh air is nice. I suppose if I got one of the popup ones, that could maybe work.
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