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Full Version: The heat is coming to the low desert. What now?
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Last year when the heat hit the low desert I climbed in elevation gradually via Rt 66 and or 40 up to Flagstaff AZ in May where it was still pretty nice. I left this area in late March I think.

I have an appt April 16th in Indio CA for my second vaccination (which will be hotter than a skillet by then) so I'm thinking about heading west and going up in elevation over that way. I haven't made my mind up about that but I don't think I want to repeat last year's route because I've already seen it. Who knows, I might change my mind. Within three weeks to a month it will probably be less difficult to get the second shot somewhere else, or even at another Rite Aid.

In which direction is everyone scattering?
North, for me Oregon. Highdesertranger
I actually think it is cooler this year. Today barely broke 70 degrees for a high. The winds are way worse though, I can't imagine the number of broken awnings.

I will stay in the low desert for the heat, with my sombrero & cooling towel, my shade, AC, and the swimming pool. Its tough duty but someone has to do it.
First N.California then the OR/WA coast.

I may alter that plan if gas prices look like they'll stay high on the west coast.
My second shot is April 1st so I won't be traveling more than 300 miles away from here until April 15th. This will be the first summer in several years I haven't worked a seasonal job, so I have a lot of maintenance and catching up to do as well as unfinished projects. I like the hot weather and I need to loose some weight so maybe I'll be fishing from the kayak more this year!
A slow trip north through Nevada and into Idaho. I'll be getting vaccinated in Nevada
I'll have my rig ready soon and have also wondered where and what.

Sounds like being here where Or., I'd. and Wa meet is about right for summer.

Thinking of trying out some of the pike minnow bounty fishing on the Snake and Columbia River...
(03-23-2021, 10:49 PM)desert_sailing Wrote: [ -> ].... where Or., I'd. and Wa meet is about right...
The middle of no where for sure. But not in a bad way. Say hi to Steens mountain for me.
I spent chunks of last summer in the eastern half of WY and MT. I didn't know what to expect, but I enjoyed it. Later I drifted through ID, OR, NV and northern CA. Spent several weeks in the Sierras. It was a good summer — except for the fires.
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