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Full Version: Con artist/thief.
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This is in relation to a woman we met a while back who tried to steal pretty much everything we had before returning to the desert.  Is a description allowed, because i know in all her blah blah blah she had been on this forum looking for handouts.  It's one of the reasons, other than bugging out of California after we get the truck 'perfect' that we rejoined the forum and it has been weighing on my mind.  Please let me know if posting bewareof warnings is allowed. She's likely to target older, white, blond women in an attempt to steal ID.
You should PM one of the mods before posting more. Sorry to hear of your bad experience.
Thank you. Will do.
Considering that there are always two sides to every story AND it could affect the forum legally, it may not be a good idea. Otherwise after being out here for over four years and both helping and working with people I could make a list as long as your arm of people you may want to avoid.

The downside of it isn't that I have been used or scammed. It is that now I tend to stay alone and not help anyone.
I think the basic warning and description I gave may be enough, but she may dye or cut her hair. Follow your gut instincts if a super emotionally and financially needy (yet spends like she's rich), physically healthy white, blond single woman in her late sixties who could pass for you starts getting into your life. And i mean into, as in all your background facebook friends work history, everything she needs to be YOU along with your car keys. That should be enough right there. I'm still having to tell people Im not so-and-so, despite living in the area for over 40 years and having a very obvious husband.
why would someone want to do all that ?  Do they need another identity for cover ?
Yeah we really don't want to publish any names or pictures unless we were to have actual proof. With all due respect right now we only have your word so it's basically hearsay. Highdesertranger
Good to have the caution though...
(04-10-2021, 04:19 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah we really don't want to publish any names or pictures unless we were With all due respect right now  we only have your word so it's basically hearsay.  Highdesertranger
Exactly, but until it's happened, and when it does, it's so disturbing, you can't believe it, then you start thinking, okay, she's going to find someone else in the Home free community.  And some innocent might get bad hurt. I would request this be moved to the womens forum, except she does target men for everything they've got, too. Maybe I was just alike enough for her to think she could pull it off.  I won't go into all the details, but it was not pretty, and as I've stated, I'm still getting to deal with men coming up to me thinking i'm her and owe them.  End of the matter.
(04-10-2021, 04:11 PM)Gypsy108 Wrote: [ -> ]why would someone want to do all that ?  Do they need another identity for cover ?
She certainly wanted our previous truck, but we never left it alone unless we are at the doctors.  It became very clear she had a plan to weasel her way into everthing.  The resemblance was just enough for her to fool people, despite her being thicker, an inch shorter, and five years older, not that I ever saw her ID.  Our mechanic said she had all kinds of excuses to try to get the car she was driving fixed and she wanted our ex truck which was for sale.  The way she talked around in circles my guess is she came up with this at the time, and might try it again.  So just pass the word. I'm done before I get into more trouble because of her.
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