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Full Version: Spring Cleaning: inspire me
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After about a year of not acquiring much in the way of stuff, I have crowded my little home with Amazon and walmart things that I determined I "need" to live my happiest life. Now I need to look hard at all of my stuff and decide what to donate or toss.

Inspire me by listing things you've decided weren't worth the space or weight.
I have found that if I didn't use something in the last 2 years I really don't need it. I have also decided to get rid of things like tools I am too old to manage and again if I haven't touched them in two years I probably don't need them. Some of these decisions are expensive as I will either have to pay someone to do what I had previously done years ago or rebuy a tool every 5 years or so but I'm within 10 years of average life expectancy so I may make it without having to! Lol!!! Really I probably have misplaced or forgotten where most of them are so when I can not find them I end up buying a new one anyway plus I spend a lot on fuel hauling around things I can not find. I used to put labels on things I didn't use often with the date last used but the labels fall off after 5 years or so and I quit looking. I'm beginning to think it is easier to just start all over than it is to get rid of things like I did years ago. Just buy a new rig someplace far away and don't keep anything over two years might work as it would not be long before I couldn't afford to buy anything to put in it! I have to give that some consideration! Being broke may have some advantages!
We who suffer from a little or a lot of a bunker mentality Rolleyes tend to fill our nooks and crannies with things for “just in case”.

Go thru every inch of your rig, clean and tidy and set aside for donating things you haven’t used in the past year.

Sort thru that pile and keep the things you feel you can’t live without, and find a home for the rest.

It is a freeing experience.   Tongue
I'm currently in the process of a twice a year (spring and fall), inside and out, top to bottom cleanup which lasts ~ 2 weeks. I'm HIGHLY uninspired at this point of the process (week 2) let's just leave it at that...

Ok. You peeps aren't playing my game!

The game is "list things that you've decided aren't worth the space or weight." So I'll start:

Gas griddle
Big spatula
Second collapsable funnel
Several glass jars
Canned foods that I thought I'd eat if I couldn't cook for some reason
Second small speaker thing (used for devices for podcasts and music)
Perfectly good clothes that I don't love
Spices that I don't use much
Most screws that seem to reproduce when I'm not looking
Perfectly good little lightbulbs that I replaced with LEDs
All but one tape measure
Parts and tools that I cannot identify
Stuff from crafts I tried and likely won't try again

Your turn!
Sorry but I am too busy downsizing at the end of my winter season LTVA stay to play such games.
Oh, Rav, you’re such a stickler for detail.  Tongue

These are things I have gotten rid of out of my rig:

I had three, crocheted, hooded cowls in a cabinet, when I might only need to wear one once or twice in a really cold winter, so I gave one and a hat I had made but never wore away. Two is probably still one too many.
A folding stepladder that took up the entire space behind my drivers seat.
A big, pocketed folder of maps of the US, including a fairly new atlas and a half dozen laminated maps of favorite states.  
Rolls of doggie poop bags, because who needs several hundred of those?
My late husbands SPF protectant shirts, which I thought I might wear but did not.
A large, enamelware stockpot I’d used maybe twice.

There ya go.  Tongue
Thats the spirit, Rose! =D

That was inspiring... Tomorrow, I will unload the deep cabinet under my fridge and see what I squirreled away there and forgot about.
400 pareos is a bit excessive Ravella...
400. Heh. If I had more than 20 I'd start sharing, cause anything above that is just ridiculous. 0_o
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