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Full Version: Fire ring and open fires
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You all know what I mean besides a dryer/washer tub those heavy steel rings you find at most campgrounds
sorry for being a bit unclear but yes I am looking and When the City of San Francisco was installing some big steel pipe i asked the guy to cut me off about 20" he just looked at me and my 20 dollars and laughed. Cant hurt to ask. 
get 1/4 or less thickness flat metal and hing 4 peaces together and it will lay flat when not in use
I like being able to take it with me. However, I have to many fires restart at night after putting way to much water on it. The StoveTec stove will burn out in 20 min's any coals left it it. Also makes  a perity little fire that you can cook on and fits into a 5 gal bucket. Does cook well.

James AKA Lynx
I like my StoveTec stove the fire ring is more of a chick magnet thing. Caveman with an education of sorts. lol I can't believe I just wrote that.
When I had my sticks&bricks I used a wheel spacer from a Semi. Might be a tad heavy to carry around with you though.
A very small one (in stature did I pass?) good question Looks like 7/14/13 for French meadows I'll bring a rake
just a heads up fire restrictions have begun out west. 
OK puts the damper down on my fires. Pun intended...
The local campground use the deeper half of split rims from the local junk yard. Heavy. Last many years.
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