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Full Version: Boondocking questions
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For you folks who are traveling and boondocking in BML, what you guys are using
for your cooking, coolers, electric. Just curious if you guys are using propane BBQs or just making a small fire for cooking meals Most likely be using cast iron cooking dutch ovens in skillets for cookings. For keeping your food cool and cold if you were just use in coolers are for use in a little 12 volt plug in units. For electric I think just a little solar and a little 2000 Honda would work perfect. For shower in one of those Zodiac heater showers would work good.
You named it. I have seen it all. Cast Iron does not do well cooking with lots of water. Needs oil/grease to keep in shape.

It is best to design your system to use the least amount of money and supplies and go from there.

Propane is cheapest in 11 or 20 pound bottles unless you can find a free wood source then the StoveTec stove would be better.

Try to do without electric if you are short of cash. Those generators can use a gallon a day.


James AKA Lynx
the problem with open fires on blm or forest service land is we are coming into fire season and all open fires will be banned except in developed camp grounds.  don't forget in kalifornia you need a fire permit any time of year.  even if you are using propane.  this applies outdoors inside a rv it doesn't apply.  highdesertranger
Quote:don't forget in kalifornia you need a fire permit any time of year.  even if you are using propane.

Seriously!? .... WTHeck! Why? I mean I know fire is fire, but really man.
Why? So that politicians can be publicly seen to be DOING SOMETHING about something that the sheep, er, excuse me, the voters think is a problem, in this case, wildfires. Doesn't really matter whether it accomplishes anything or not, as long as it SOUNDS like it accomplishes something.

yeah peoples rebublik of kalifornia or prk.  just gives them another reason to mess with you if they choose.  when I asked a ranger one time if this applies to coleman lanterns they didn't have an answer and they would not say one way or another.  typical.   highdesertranger
If you are talking about short time period as in 2 months or less then I would recommend.
A small propane stove like this

A cooler possibly add some extra insulation to it. Bricks of ice last a lot longer then cubes.

An all in one car jumper battery pack inverter like this  You should by this from a box chain store because odds are it will die in about a month and will need to be returned they are junky to put it mildly.  With that being said it will charge your phone and run your laptop and lights without a problem.  Just have it set up so that it is charging when the engine is on.  Again this is a great solution only for temporary situations.

I watched a forest ranger struggling up a steep ass mountain with a jerry can on his back because there was word of a small fire up on the trail.  Let me tell you he didn't look happy.  There is a reason why they regulate open fires.  The majority of the population does not know how to have an open fire safely.  I once had a fire get away from me, dry grass burns fast to put it mildly.  Luckily it was in my back yard so I just grabbed the garden hose.  There is no garden hose in the middle of no where.
here you go.  I get the blm newsletter and there was a link in this weeks.  btw it looks like they figured out what to do about lanterns. 
it also looks like restrictions are starting to go into effect. highdesertranger