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Full Version: Bob's Mom: Celebration of Life
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My condolences to you Bob & to your family 

Heart Heart Heart

You & your mom have a lot in common…
She did a great job as a Mother & human being  Heart Heart Heart
I am genuinely sorry about your loss. I enjoyed those times when your mom Was featured on your videos.. She seemed like a “sweetly pie.” It’s amazing to watch them pass and good to remember the good things and forget those that are not as good. Not saying anything about your mom but I hope that When I go they’ll forget all the negative things about me and remember the good ones.
So sorry for your loss Bob. We all loved your Mom and will miss her.
My condolences to Bob and his family. I was lucky enough to know her.
I'm so sad she's gone - I loved seeing her in Bob's videos.

Bob... there are no words to express the sorrow of losing a mother. [Lost mine a few years back.] I'm glad we got to meet your mother through your videos.
So sorry to hear of her passing.   I hope she will always remain sweet in your memories Bob.   Angel
I am sorry for your loss, Bob.

May memories of your life with her bring you comfort.
Sending condolences and prayers for your family!
Sending heartfelt condolences to Bob and his family.
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