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Full Version: Colorado River for RVers :::
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Hi Guys,  I'm seeking any info on both good RV Parks and good free BLM or otherwise spots along the river in any of the western states. 
I found quite a few pay park sites such as Pirate Cove and Big River RV Park but have yet to check them out.  Reviews are always great too.  Thanks,  Morgan
Hey at Pirate cove you could be Cpt. Morgan. lol Long river never had the experience spent time on the Pecos river lots of Thermal baths even snowing I would get in and lounge Just duck your head in to warm it up get the snow off. Sounds like fun.
Hi Wag,  Yes, fun is exactly what I want with a little peace of mind on the side and an order of mystery to go as well!
I was going to suggest Scared Man (free) BLM and Susan Creek ($14/nite) camping east of Roseburg,OR but I see the BLM site is now closed! The Susan Creek CG is right on the Umpqua River and is pretty busy in the summertime but is nice. Anyway here's a couple of links below. The second one is for the national parks senior access pass that reduces fees by 50% at many NFS campgrounds:

What kind of truck do you have to pull that 5'er?
Hey slowday,  thanks a lot for your response.  Those are some great links.  I've really been busy with my research and have pretty much settled on a fiver.  One good thing I have noticed is that there must be a glut of RV's in the market because every day there are new deals on fivers.  I'm finding 21 to 25 or so footers that are considered "old" 1690's models for my range. Around 5K or under.

As for your links:
The first link I have but the second one is a newy! 

Am I reading that correctly?
Does it say $80.00 annual pass but just $10.00 for we seniors?  I love being a senior!
I am sure to be headed out to the river when I get set up.  I'll probably hang out here for a while
at Wally World and Casino's so I can get some engine check out and hopefully some upgrades for my truck
and then I'm river bound.  I'll be writing music, napping, writing articles, napping, playing in the water, napping,
riding my mountain bike and roller blading and then napping!  Ah the good life!
 The national park pass is a great deal even for people who don't get a discount on camping because it gets them into all of the parks but for seniors and disabled people it's really great - free admission plus half price camping in some of the most beautiful places in the country. It's good in national forest, national park, corp of engineers and BLM campgrounds.

Morgan -  I'm surprised that this hasn't come up in any of your previous posts but there's so much information to post and absorb that I guess we miss a lot of it. Here's another just in case you're not familiar with it -New Mexico state - If you buy a yearly pass ( which is kind of expensive at $225) you can dry camp at the primitive sites for free. I'm not sure if all of the parks have primitive sites. It looks like a lot of them are located on lakes or rivers.
Hello Tony,  Well I'm having a good day today.  I'll soon know the approximate month I'll be getting serious about blasting off.  In early August there is a financial deal coming up for me and I can't wait to get to the more concrete times in this.  Just tired of being in limbo with banks and mortgages and bills I don't care about any more!  If you watch Craig Furguson (very funny guy and his Robot Skeleton and Horse)  you would have heard him say the thing he likes best about getting older is that he "don't give a rats ass any longer!"  I'm most definitively there!!!!

OK you know per your comment, I have noticed in my typical ways that I have been darting this way and that absorbing RV research like a sponge and it would be very easy for me to have missed stuff as you pointed out.  I have a huge folder of links and still putting new ones in there.

One thing that has become clear to me is that I need to have fun..  get peace of mind...
and above all, be near (and in) the water.  I love everything water!  I think I would actually enjoy
Kevin Costner's "Water World" if happened in real time...

That being said, I began to find more and more RV parks on the CA/AZ Colo River.  Now, in reading over
your post, I realized that there is indeed a state I have said I want to visit and that is New Mexico.

I note that there are a wheel barrow load of lakes and rivers
in New Mexico :::

I'm working in the studio today and will take some time after that to go over the links you sent.
Thanks my friends...  It is a relief to know you are all here on Bob's incredible site...  Peace