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Full Version: I am not a communist lets get that straight
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I have as others I'm sure considered purchasing some land a place where you cannot be pushed out of a place to call "my land" (we never do own land )I have however lived in a commune. If this strikes anyone as a possible venue then10 people commit $1000 each,or 20 people or 30 whatever be placed in some sort of account and a location is chosen. Get your tiny home ON. You guys in AZ,NM Ut. have for sure seen land and had this idea. I would be the first to plunk down some dough call it "cheaprvlivingland" or whatever.10 acres is a lot of land. Does this sound too "What's that guy been smokin'ish" Someone else wanna live on it charge em 50 bucks a month to pay the land taxes. I would pay 50 bucks to be left alone for a month. This ain't a bunch of hippies getting hep c from communal bathing and eating off dirty dishes. I have not thought this through to a finale.
A little harder than one might think. You can get dry sites at some RV camps for $ 80 per month or less. Lots of free dry camping.

I perfer the option of leaving the area is the natives are restless. Not many buy-in's like that.

James AKA Lynx
I'm searching for a nice wooded/secluded piece of land for myself at the moment. I've often wondered why people with a nomadic (or similar) lifestyle wouldn't get together on the purchase of property - no wait, they do! Obviously, some people walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Since you already have personal experience with communal living I guess you have walked the walk..... and I think that's really cool.

Of course, for me, it would still have to be enough property to have the privacy to be left alone when wanted/needed. I'd also think that the personal buy-in of the property would have to be cheap enough to just leave it behind if I didn't find the property and/or the company to be what I'd hoped for.

You can try this site " Click Here " to check for, or even start your own call for people who may share your want for this type community; aka, "Intentional Community"....... just a modern term for commune, I guess.


  .10 isn't a " lot of land" , there are what ? 42k square feet in an acres ( not quite accurate but close enough for this discussion) do the math.
  And with such an investment you better *know* all the rest of the folks involved , are you willing to pick up and leave said investment if there is one " bad apple" spoiling the bunch?
Quote:.10 isn't a " lot of land"

I don't think he meant 0.10 - the period before the 10 was to end the previous sentence...... I think!
that was meant to be 10 acres, sorry for the miss.

I understand the attractiveness of your idea, but I fear most people on this site won't.  We are attracted to mobile living because it is mobile.  We can call our own shots and follow the sun, work, events, whatever- without being tied to piece of property.

I also would fear that too many owners would have different ideas about how the property would be used.
I could be talked into Commune-ism.
The people in the article are squatters, not cooperative land owners.
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