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Full Version: How is parking at apartment complexes?
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I was wondering if you park at the 'visitor' spot in apartment complexes would it be pretty safe?
 My hunch is that people would notice. Most apartment complexes have a limited amount of parking and there are always a few people who watch everything. Parking on the street near the complex, if that's possible, would be much better.
You want one that has street parking or extra parking that is not right in front of their doors. Also, you want to scope it out to see the amount of parking during the night to find those spots that may not be used. My 2.5 cents.
Gotta be careful on this one I think.  I've seen some locally that you could, and I have, parked a camper in for weeks without an issue.  Then I've seen others where the managers are so anal that you will get towed or a parking ticket in the first hour. 
In one word, forget it.  Okay, that was 2 words.