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Full Version: New, larger vans from Ford, Dodge
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I have been watching the automotive news about the new vans from Ford and Dodge.  I know the prices right now will keep most from buying them, but just wait a few years for some high mileage units to hit the market.


[Image: 2014-Ford-Transit-van---on-the-road.jpg]

Big mistake, making it rear wheel drive.  That means the floor will be high and interior height will suffer.

Dodge / Fiat:

[Image: fiat-ducato-red-track-1024x640.jpg]

This van will be smaller and cheaper than the Sprinter.  Dodge can go one of two ways, either front or rear drive, depending on the current overseas offering they base it on.  Let's hope sanity wins out and they go front wheel drive.  FWD packaging will mean less weight (better mileage) and more interior volume.  Add a same diesel and you have the perfect stealth van set up.
I just have to wonder how these will compare to the current full size vans while off road. The stock mid 90's 15 passenger clubwagon used by a local boy scout troop has been through creeks and a good bit of mud with standard street tires.