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Full Version: Sealing leaking doors?
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My back doors on the van leak pretty bad.  Its an older van and it has a gutter around it, but this gets overloaded in no time and then water drips down off the bottom of this gutter and into my passenger side rear door.  There seems to be plenty of stripping there but it must not be forming a very tight seal.

I would like to shore this up, but im not sure how.  Amazon has weather stripping with adhesive on the back but do i remove what i have and replace it or should i add it opposite, like on the frame for a tighter seal?  There gaps on this van are pretty sizable lol

I plan to put the bed in the back so i need to resolve this one before that (currently it just pools the water in the back corner, which i have to use towels to dry it out after a big pour).
my first guess would be that the weatherstripping is bad and needs to be replaced.

even if it looks like its still pliable, and not dried out, there may be a void that isnt obvious.

some silicone lubricant on a rag is a good way to keep them clean and fresh but once dried out and cracked its time to replace.

does the door close properly?
It closes fine.  I guess ill cut out the old stuff and replace it.
J.C. Whitney have door gaskets for all kinds of vehicles,,
Are there any Pic-a-Part salvage yards in the area?  Or check CL for someone parting a van. Usually the doors are the same for years and years and you can find some newer weatherstripping for pretty cheap. Be careful of model year changes though.
I had this exact problem on the hightop join to the body seam 
i cleaned it up best that i could and applied household exterior sealing compound that comes in the tubes and a caulking gun total cost was $7.00  and took about 2 hours it works well as previous owners had placed lots of plastic sheeting in the side sliding door.
I took a closer look today in the light,  the current stripping is pretty soft/spongy which i guess is good but it does have a lot of cuts and nicks in it.  I think ill just replace it at least on that door and maybe my front doors too.   
You can test to see if your weatherstrip is actually touching the door frame. Just tear a strip of strong thin paper a couple inches wide and a foot or so long. News paper or masking paper will work, not paper towels. Lay it across the door frame and close the door. pull on the paper and feel for resistance. If it pulls right out easily the weatherstrip is not touching the door frame. There should be a strong resistance to pulling because the door should be compressing the weatherstrip considerably.

Try it every few inches all around the door. Sometimes the door can be adjusted closer to the frame, sometimes it actually needs to be bent a little, which is usually not too big a job.


Sometimes you can insert drinking straws into the weatherstripping to puff it up and help the seal, works on some types not on others. Duane aka "signman"
McGee knows how to check if it's sealing, good tip there. another tip. I have had good luck with simple green on restoring rubber's pliability. helps allot with dried out rubber. highdesertranger