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Full Version: forum signature
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how do i create an image in my forum signature?

is html active in the signature window?

thanks for help. forum search results for answer null.
Hi cygvan- I don't know how it was done, but in a couple weeks we will be moving to the new forum, where signatures will be limited to text only. Pictures will have to be used as your avatar instead. Just an fyi.
ah ok. i thought maybe i had to link to a picture that was already in my album for site security reasons but i couldnt figure that out either.

look forward to the new forum. hope the transition goes well.
I hope so too. I haven't had much time to devote these last couple weeks, and the last several days were blindsided by a death here on the hill. I have 500+ emails awaiting attention in my inbox. Peoples will hopefully forgive my slow responses, especially here. This forum is everything to me and I hate when I am neglecting it.....
sorry to hear that.

im newish here but forum seems to be ok. thanks for all the effort here and on the future site.

this forum is real big help while living like this and i appreciate it as i think everyone else does too.