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hugs too!

I (personally) would say forum wise, since you don't currently identify and live as female, you probably shouldn't spend a lot of time in the girl's room.  I think if you ever decided to live and identify as female, then I personally wouldn't have any issue with you in the girl's room.
 --- This is me as a person saying this, I am not trying to set policy as a moderator.

In my experience around female/women only spaces and how 'acceptance' works, if you have 'Female' on your drivers license/ID, then you are female in regards to female/women only spaces.  There are of course exceptions, the most famous probably being the Michigan's Womyn Festival, that only accepts Womyn born as Womyn. Yes they use that spelling as far as I can tell,  which makes little sense to anyone I know.

That said, if you need/want support around your (using your words) identity emotionally with the female side as well as the male side, I'm willing to talk via private message. Also, there are tons of gender fluid and trans* safe spaces all over the Internet and in real life.

Again, this is ME as a person saying all this, I am not trying to set policy as a moderator.

Also, I really love Dragonfly's message!

With Love,
I am fortunate not to have identity issues, and being secure in my male role it does have certain drawbacks as far as emotional displays. I cried realizing I was not alone and the responses offered. You know those tines when all seems bleak sad and confused. I was in a sorry state of mind but the storm clouds seem to slowly pass and a little bit of sun puts a smile back on your face. My oldest son is an emotional anchor for me we hug and talk. Thank you all for your support.
Hey.....I've got hugs for ya too brother!!! (ta hell with that machismo shit!!)

We've ALL had times where it just seemed like we were trapped by life, and had noone to reach out're NOT alone. It does seem kinda odd to me that I sometimes hafta turn to my internet friends (you'z guys), just to find someone who can identify with what I'm dealing with. I can't say I've got tons of friends in my area who identify with my desire to live and travel out on the road........but I do HERE!!

So ThankYOU Wagoneer.

and even if it's only on the web, I'm glad I can always click in here, and know I'll have like-minded friends waiting for me.

Have a great week!!!
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