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I posted in the girls room, because I identify emotionally with the female side as well as the male side. Some of you will not understand this,some of you will. That said my hugs are getting far and few. I need an occasional hug. just venting
Don't bother me where you post and it doesn't bother me about that other stuff either. You need to come visit my dog, she loves to hug, head hugs, big body hugs, roll on by lean on you hugs, get in your face while your waking up, or just before you wake up hugs!
She hugs women, kids, some men. 

Then there is the french kissing, I kid you not as I have been on the receiving end a few times and watched her do it lots to others! 

O and she loves to sunbath as well, get her belly rubbed, brings you her baby toy as well as sticks (2x4 and 4x4 up to 6" long! ) She is a big old hug me monster, so here she is for your smile.
Hey, here's a hug from luci and myself.  Hang in. 
I am almost on the road...  Just a little more to do and I could be driving past you. lol
SO YA BETTER WAVE...  Did ya hear that?      lol  Almost there....

Good for you two excitement ahead onward away that sounds soo cool. My new motto "one day at a time"... If we should meet up it would be great.
My big family includes various racial and ethnic folks, some fluid gender and trans gender, gay, hetero, lesbian and we are fairly well represented on various mental health fronts :-) one of the younger members is doing life without parole for murder. We are not all biologically related, but have forged an amazing close knit family from people society would often reject outright. Our Misfit Island :-) we all have one thing in common....huge hearts and a willingness to provide sanctuary to the least of these.

I like to think that that kind of sanctuary extends to this virtual family. I really do love you all, and hope anyone can find a safe place to land here.

Wagoneer, my respect for you has increased more than you can know. Huge hugs to you. I admire you for being yourself, and putting yourself out there. You are welcome in my camp anytime.
Since I have certain issues that I feel most others wouldn't understand, I try my hardest to understand all other folks. There's an amazing variety in humans but we're all more alike than we are different.
Just popping by with a (((HUG))) for Wagoneer!
My spirits have been lifted, thank you all for the support. Palace theater 1970's with the band we worked with the great disco star "sylvester"
Hugs from me. I don't care how you swim as long as you shine.
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