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Full Version: Condensation
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I just asked this on my blog. Any ideas?

The weather is getting cooler (thank goodness) and an old problem has reemerged: Condensation. Nothing gives a vehicle dweller away like foggy windows on a cool morning. No matter how much time you spend making the rest of the car totally stealth, this is the thing that will sink you.
Now I’m looking for options. I’m going to be living like this until about October (longer if I can beat the cold) and I don’t want to loose my parking space (again). Here are the obstacles I have to take into consideration (because I will still be driving the car each day).
  • Massachusetts law will not allow me to heavily tint the windows
  • I can’t have anything covering the windows or blocking my view (so no permanent insulation)
  • I can't use a car cover, as I know others have. It would totally give me away.
I have a few ideas that I’m going to start pricing.
  • I could use that heat shrinking window film on the three passenger windows. I’d still be able to see out but it should create enough of a barrier that condensation wouldn’t form. Finding a surface to adhere it to is a slight problem.
  • I could make insulated panels to insert over the windows at night, much like I now put up my neoprene.
The major problem I'm having is with the windshield. I can't think of a good way to cover it temporarily. So I am calling on the collective knowledge of the vagabonding community. This must have come up before. How do you deal with it?
Get one of those car covers and keep it on at night? That's what the guy in the homeless living blog did.
I have found that the air conditioner in my newest van is a pretty good dehumidifier, if I turn it on before the windows get wet.