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Full Version: US 380 Denton / Dallas, TX
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I am planning a trip. I have us running US Hwy 380 (east) from Roswell to Greenville, TX. One of our nights will be spent in the Sam's Club parking lot in Denton. My question is.... which route is better.... stay on 380 or take the bypass on the north side of Denton.
That's a good question. The main thing is whether and where construction is underway. Here are some links that may help:[%2701%27]%29%3Bmap.showIncidentIcons%28tmcs[%2701%27]%29%3Bmap.showIncidentIcons%28tmcs[%27FTW%27]%29%3B}%2C2000%29%3B

Traveling through Denton can be a bit tedious depending on the time of day. Avoid lunch time if you can--especially if construction is indicated.

Enjoy your travels!

Be very careful on 380, I would take the bypass to avoid Denton proper. There are many gravel trucks on 380 and there have been quite a few bad crashes. From Decatur through Denton is very busy.