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Full Version: I have stopped opening profiles
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Primarily because they are usually empty. I understand the need for privacy but usually devoid of even the slightest hint. Just commenting not judging. Have a great morning.
Are you just talking about this new board??

I'm sure most folks are just glad they made it over, and haven't taken the time to set up their personal profiles and photo albums yet.

I know I really enjoy looking at photos of people's rigs and read their stories, so I'm gonna give everybody some to to make the transition.

btw...this better mean that your's is all filled in!!!! Big Grin
Mostly. I do not have a web I don't blog or read blogs. Photos should arrive when the build is done, so far I am liking the new look.
Ok, I'll add some stuff to our profile as I get time today Big Grin

I'm not seeing a place to add pics to the profile. Am I missing something??
We are working on photo albums now!
Cool, I'll watch for that, Katie Smile

Remind me to never attempt setting up a website....don't think there's enough hours in my days for it Tongue
I think we have to redo our profiles on the new board. I just changed my birthday to the correct date, I wouldn't want to miss out on birthday wishes next month. A good one for me 60 years old and my family still hasn't killed my spirit yet. I have to stay alive so I can get on the road and meet up with some of you and experience freedom. I don't think I've ever been free to be me.
Diane you have always been free that cage around you was built by you. As hard as that is for me to understand I have done this as well I mean my own cage was built by me and kept me sane in times of danger and insecurity
when you look at it from the outside many people limit themselves and stay in that "safe zone" it is like a cage, you are in control who enters and you decide when to leave the door open. Get that crow bar out and start. I care.
Diane, we're here to embrace your freedom.
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