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Full Version: Air compressors?
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Hi all;

I don't have a refiller yet and this one caught my eye:

I'd appreciate opinions or other suggestions??? Space being a big issue in the mini-van the size of this is what I like most.
We carry one similar in our moho and have had to use it a couple times to top up tires after sitting in remote areas. Our tires carry 80 lbs and it did just fine, but takes a few minutes. It even works better than most service station coin air machines.
I'm picky about our (6 new) tires and dual tires need to be the same or the low one will overheat. I check ours every morning before we roll...I don't "thump" them, use a reliable gauge.

I cut off the cig lighter plug, added a few feet of wire and put on battery clips.

Speaking of service stations...I don't use their water in the cooling system. Too many minerals in the water, especially in the Southwest. I carry a gallon of distilled water to top up. Have for years and never had a gunky radiator.
There are many small compressors on the market. In the $30-$50 range they are all about the same quality. I would buy one from a store where I could exchange easily. down here some thing like sears or wall mart.
WalMart carries ones put out by Slime (tire goop stuff) and we have this one...

They have several in different price ranges.

We were lucky to meet a Slime dealer and got ours at his cost.
I hope to never need them, but also have a tire plugging kit. Used them in the past with very good results.
I ordered this Slime tire inflator that is apparently extra heavy duty. This model is more powerful and can inflate a tire faster because it plugs directly into your house battery which gives it more power. Most other inflators plug into a 12 volt adapter which supposedly is less powerful.
I bought one a few months ago but have only used it a couple times so don't have a strong opinion. The couple times I used it, it worked OK--and faster than my previous option which was a portable jump starter (with the battery in it) which had a small air compressor as part of it.
Buy quality- bought one of the knockoffs for around 38 bucks , failed the second time I used it...... those Slime2x look good to me for the money.... ditto on buy it from a Sears, Walmart, etc so it can be returned at multiple locations.


Thanks for the input.

I agree with buying smaller exchangeables where easily accessed and totally in on getting the best you can afford!

I do also HATE shopping...I'm the in and out woman who waited for her husband thinking if he's not buying me tools or jewelry this is wasted time! I buy a lot of things off the internet. If its a major purchase, which for me is pretty much if its over $100, I prefer, whenever possible, to buy Canadian or American products and I phone the manufacturers directly. Example...just buying new electric ride on...these are esentially kids toys but since I can't walk very far and they get my backside around the block and the park...go ahead and laugh cause I am smiling! Anyway...I wrote the company this time, they called me back and wrote as concern being it liking to be charged from solar/house batts/inverter. Company gives it thumbs up AND offers that regardless of where I buy it they will give me my money back directly if it doesn't work. I have 3 similar stories in my e-mail follow ups...this ride on place wondering if they could have a picture of said backside riding for their blog. I said getting backside and company logo would need wide angle lens. *sigh*

I've done this for years and now its so easy to look up a real company directory and speak to a real person. Thank goodness for unlimited nationwide talk time...hours chatting with a company in Utah before I bought a grill...OMG...follow me to Cooking - Best Grill in the World...I'm going to go start it and drop link and as much info as my weary east coast eyes can handle. My fellow gear junkies *smile*!
There's a thread somewhere on the old site, and maybe on this one now, where one of the members rebuilt a certain 'cheapy' 12v compressor and transformed it into a skookum unit. You'd have to search a bit cuz, to be blunt, I'm a lazy SOB. As an aside, but STILL having to do with compressors.. how's that Waeco treatin' ya? ..Willy.


@ Willy...Love, love, love it!! 6 days on the road, power off every night...half tub of marg still had knife marks on the top and was level after riding on its side for the trip!! Set at 39 degrees...can not hear it run and its between the front I ordered it custom sized!

Willy MIGHT be a lazy SOB but has Skookum Tumtum!!
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