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Full Version: Proper Sealant for Leaking RV Windows
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Now that it's snowing and very cold here in Salida, CO, the upper windows in my Cab-over type RV are leaking. I know the leaks are not coming from the roof because the son painted that very carefully last summer with the best product we could buy. I've been trying to research what product could be used in this we/coldt weather to fix this, and finally came across this product: If anyone has used this, how well did it work? Or...if you know of something better, please lemme know asap! I'm trying to convince my son that the RV life is do-able and that he will not have to cope with sleeping on a wet bed in the crow's nest. Confused Thanks Scarlett
Looks to be similar to which I've used and heartily recommend. ..Willy. ps. Don't use inside, cuz it stinks to high heaven; ask me how I know..
Willy to the rescue, heh heh! Black Knight looks to be a great product, just not sure it's the right application for what I'm talkin about. What did you use it for Willy? Anyone who owns an RV has nightmares about their rig maybe developing a pin hole leak somewhere, and sooner or later the nightmare becomes a reality. I'm looking for something that's bullet proof, can be applied and cure in cold wet weather...and that will last a long time. Yea, mission impossible maybe, but there is a new generation of products out there, and I'm a gonna find the right one for me. I am an avid review reader cause there's nothing better than finding out what worked for other folks. Here's a link showing some of the new sealants, (better than regular caulks), that might help other RV'ers: ~ Cheers, Scarlett
I used to use Lexell, but can't get it any more. I use the Black Knight stuff both as an exceptionally tough adhesive, and to fix leaks. Being clear, it isn't too noticeable. My rooftop solar panel brackets were glued down with that black knight stuff and I drove, on and off highway, with no problems. ..Willy.
Are you planning to remove the frame to reseal?
If this is the case maybe butyl (on the roll) would work better for a cold install.
Just throwing it out there since I'm not much on cold climates.

Black Knight sounds like some good stuff.
If you do take the window out use butyl like bindi&us recommends. You can also caulk around the window after doing that for added weatherproofing.

For an emergency repairs duct tape works good. You may have to wait until it's a little warmer and drier to actually caulk. Read the instructions carefully. Almost any type of good quality caulk will work but avoid silicon because it will not stick to other caulks or surfaces that are not extremely clean.

Check the marker lights above the windows. They're often the source of leaks and are easy to overlook.
Look into Hurricane tape instead of duct tape. I no longer use duct tape due to the glue 'drying out' and the tape itself delaminating. Hurricane tape is made outta the same woven polyethylene as tarps, and has a better glue. That and Tuck Tape are my 'go-to' tapes. ..Willy.
the aluminum tape works well in a pinch.
I work at Home Depot. Go to the section with roofing products. You are looking for a cartridge tube like caulking comes in. The product you are looking for is Henry's 212 Crystal Clear All Pupose Sealant. Store SKU is 111-703. Find an employee with a FIRST phone (big clunky phone) to look up the SKU for you and they can tell you the aisle, bay, price and how many are supposed to be in the store. I caulked the.fixed glass on the well as the windshield of the class c with the stuff. Use a popscicle stick to lift.rubber.trim to get the thin bead of sealant under the trim. Csn be used.whn it is.wet out too.
Thanks guys for all the great suggestions. Some of these ideas will be useful for future issues. Compassrose, I think the Henry's sealant you've mentioned sounds very similar to what I already bought locally; "Through the Roof", which is one of the new and improved generation of sealants. We've applied this to where we "think" the leak occurred. Will it work? We'll have to wait and see, which won't be long since we're expecting more rain and snow this evening. ~Scarlett
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