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4x4tour Wrote:Right on... I know there are a ton of rods on CL right now, so I will scour them until I find a

Yeah, there are some good deals on there lately I have noticed too. I need to score a couple more spools for my real so I keep a few more setups with me. Probably will need another rod as well. I want to do some saltwater fishing out in our bay as well.

Oh yeah, on that note, with the saltwater license, you can go clamming and crabbing too. There are some good spots to dip-net Dungeness crab near by! Yum!

On the prospecting & staying on site other than the club claims, the places I go that are close are all pretty much NFS land and can be camped for 14 days anyway so not too bad.
Since my "van" is a motorcycle; everything is scaled down to fit. Here is my fishing outfit. It's called a Penrod Extreme. Extends out to about 5', Came with the spinning reel, I think I paid less than $30 for it. The minature fly reel was bought seperately.


Ahhhhh, I dig the space-saving... 
great idea! There's a lady here in mass who pretty much lives off caught fish in the summer and seems to do fine. The license, like the rest said, is the hang up. If you're going to use it a lot it must be worth it oops.
i would love to learn how to fly fish,but i dont do waders they about killed me when i was young
I actually fish for food a few times a week.  I live right on the coast, so I go ocean fishing all the time.  Depending on your state, you don't need a license at all.  All I have is a NOAA registration card, which is free.  I keep 6 poles in my trunk, for everything from deep sea fishing (not that I have a boat) to fly fishing an bait fish fishing.  In the beginning of the summer I was actually able to catch enough mackeral so that I could sell them to a bait shop for $.25 each.  I highly suggest fishing.  Even if I don't catch a meal, I find it very relaxing. 
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