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Full Version: Young Vandwellers
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I haven't checked or asked anyone's ages yet but I was wondering how old the average age is for vandwellers. I noticed from the posts I've read that I may be on the younger end of the spectrum. I'm getting near my mid-life...34. Do you guys encounter people near my age or younger perhaps? I don't have a wife (never married), no kids, no house of my own (anymore), no career (anymore...used to be real estate), tons of bills that will never be paid, and I don't get disability but I do get food stamps and unemployment for the meantime. Any suggestions or reflections on the subject. I want to vandwell and work whatever may come my way but I'm very conflicted b/c my friend Australia wants me to come she's a love interest and the area's economics and government assistance programs are pretty nice compared to the US. 
dpro - sounds like you have more than one question you're trying to answer...

from my experience, it's harder to find love and maintain it than to find a van to maintain and dwell in it - if you think you might have found real love, don't casually discount the importance of that for sharing meaningfulness in your life

follow your heart, you'll know where to go and what to do

Hey, dpro

To answer one of your questions, in my view the age of vandwellers that post here varies from early 20's to mid 70's, with some in every decade.

You will also find every financial condition from quite comfortable to barely getting by.

Age and financial situation don't matter, but attitude does.

Be sure you know what you want from life, then go for it.

Bob (aka stude53)
I'm in my late 20's but I've noticed a lot of college kids looking into the mobile lifestyle lately. Like Bob said, ages really vary.

Sounds like the life might work for you but it also sounds like you're not really sure what your goals are yet. Time for the pros and cons list!

Wow. I haven't been on in awhile and I wanted to give an update as my life has changed significantly. Love interests aside for the moment.

In 2012 I bought a 2002 E150 cargo van with about 135k on the speedo! She runs great. and I have already had some amazing traveling experiences. Met so many people and had so much fun. I FEEL FREE! Oh man. Having a van has taken away so many of my life's little worries. Early on I found a fairly decent mattress on the side of the road one extremely hot summer day and threw it in the back. (hoping the heat would have killed any bedbugs) I eventually used it a few times but ended up taking it out. I had it temporarily setup with a platform to hold my futon mattress and that worked out great for a while as well. Now I'm going to start from scratch and do this the right way with a full interior. I'll post pics when I can!
I'm around your age, just turned 32. I haven't noticed a common age group in my travels, I've met all ages from young pups (20's) to seasoned veterans in their 70's.