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Full Version: graffiti removal
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So I got a big white canvas that I park all over the place, I often look at it thinking of what kind of logo would be nice to break down the whiteness,
I imagine a few graffiti artists think the same thing. Not IF but rather WHEN I get tagged, does anyone know of a product, tools or tricks that I should be carrying to remove graffiti. Cheers FKSmile
Lowe's sells a product called Goof-Off.

don't let the graphix sit on there too long, as the longer it's on, the harder it'll be to remove it.
There are several soy or citrus based products that work well on fresh graffiti.
When I had delivery trucks in Las Vegas, I used a paint and varnish remover. It was in a gel form so that it wouldn't run. I would spread it over the graffiti and then wipe the graffiti off like wiping a chalk board clean, then wash with soapy water. It never hurt the paint on the trucks, because I wouldn't keep it on very long immediately wipe off and wash. The paint on the truck is a high quality paint job and the graffiti is low quality.
thanks for that guys, I think, I know goof off is that from the same manufacturers as jiggaloo, or something like that. I will look for that to have on hand as well as varnish remover in gel form. I keep getting this feeling that I will wake up one night to the sounds of rattle cans. Smile
We were tagged once, and by lack of suitable products we have used brake cleaner liquid, which worked really well.
that is good to know I usually have brake cleaner on board.. thanks