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Full Version: Sawyer 2l water purifier test
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A while back I got a water heating thing so I could take hot showers. The downside - I'm using up about 1.5 gallons per shower which depletes my tank rather fast. A shower I feel like I can't use doesn't do me any good, so I figured it was time to figure out how to refill my tank locally instead of having to drive back to town. I found this system and had a chance to try it out:

It's a 2 liter bag you fill up, then hang up above your water container and let it drip through.

I ran about 15 gallons of water from Lake Mead (which is pretty good to start with) through the filter and it did not clog. The bag only takes about a half gallon so I had to use a bucket to gather the water and keep filling it up, but honestly it wasn't that bad. I just filled it up then did something else for a few minutes, when I checked back it was done.

I filled up a small jug at first to test the water and it tasted great. No sign of health or digestion issues. .1 microns is enough to remove nearly all bacteria and protozoa but won't take out viruses or things like salt or other harmful dissolved minerals. So you can't just grab sewage or mining runoff but most wilderness sources should be fine.

I'm very happy with it and it will give me more freedom to choose when I head back into town. A bigger bag would be nice - eventually I may put a quick release fitting on my bucket so I don't have to use the bag at all. The 4l version is $40 more for some reason, and that's still only 1 gallon.