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Full Version: Straw Bale - winter villa
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I recall one night I worked late with the double head Mr Heater going. I didn't notice that as the temp outside dropped a little a rain storm was forming overhead, LOL. Condensation ran down the top both directions allowing lots of it to run off, but the large drops raining around me was enough to call it a night.
Next day I had to open both ends so it would dry in the breeze.
Tucked myself into bed with a laugh and a lesson learned Wink
Just something to mull over, here's a link to a quick overview to NM building code as regards straw bale for single family residential:

I like the idea of a 'winter garage', specifically in NM, and I think the key would be to make sure it's classified as an outbuilding. Straw bale/pallet wall construction could be interesting and fairly low cost.

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