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Full Version: Straw Bale - winter villa
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How hard would it be to make a straw bale winter garage in New Mexico. Actually not hard.


I had to bookmark that one. I could do it but someone else I know isn't ready for that. It would probably be dirt cheap too.
(02-10-2014, 02:04 PM)offroad Wrote: [ -> ]How hard would it be to make a straw bale winter garage in New Mexico. Actually not hard.

A rv/van size winter garage in NM is an idea I like, something I've thought about before.

A small lot, parked inside, out of the wind, could make a cozy respite.
well they did the venting right, but I went to a seminar on how to do straw bale construction... ok so a few things...

1) they sell these big wire staple like things for binding the straw bales together, then you use rebar and heavy wire and wire mesh to build a structure in and around them, which works very well.
2) if your only doing it just for a garrage in the winter, you likely dont need more than the bales (bound together) themselves, maybe with some aluminum siding...
3) if you cover it in mud or papercrete, you might have some serious problems come summer... the bales themselves have to be soaked (litteraly) in an anti-flamable liquid, then dried for a very long time (I think open air for a month or more) before they can be used, otherwise when it heats up in the summer, it can start to smoulder and then actually burst into flames inside the walls. so I dont know if they did it this way (maybe their just relying on good venting to keep the bales from smouldering?!?!) also note: strawbale walls are always shifting and bloating or shrinking... if you just slap on mud on the side, your going to have to be doing near constant repairs.
Straw bale homes are just starting to get popular in the north. If I stay in a northern state after retirement, I'll build a small one. The insulating properties are fantastic.
What if you make a straw bale garage for winter and just cover with plastic like a green house? What issues would you have?
I'd probably suggest papercrete or rammed earth instead, insulation is similar and that strawbale is a bitch and a half, warping, moving, filling with mold if not properly treated, all kinds of bad. for a temporary shelter, awesome... they even made an aircraft carrier made out of ice and strawbale in WWII (oops no fact checked myself and it was wood pulp )

off road- like I said I think something like that "just for winter" would be fine, you might have some problems with mold if the interior is very hot and theres a lot of moisture getting inside, (and there are anti-mold sprays you can use on it) but your best bet would be to talk to somebody who actually builds the things in cold climates.
Cold wet climate consultation yes. Hate mold and it is prevalent.
This reminds me...several years ago, near Madrid, NM, I put up a shelter built of metal conduit and silver tarps (flea market style). I parked my Ford van inside while doing the build and some engine work. By the time winter set in I was able to sleep in the van, which was at least out of the wind and pretty easy to keep warm. On cold days I had to keep the big Mr Heater near me, but still able to work inside the shelter.
I swept a lot of snow off the top at all hours of the night and day sometimes. It wasn't the greatest, but it sure served my needs and I'd do it again if I had to.

BTW...when I was done with the enclosure a flea market guy in Santa Fe bought it. I got about half what I paid which I figured to be cheap rent since I was "borrowing" the land from an absentee owner Big Grin
Bindi - slick move
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