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Full Version: discouraging words not allowed?
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Well, tough. It ain't all roses. I want to know how everyone manages not to be bored into a coffin, sometimes.

There are times when I can't stand it. I want a report that is due or a meeting to go to or accounts to reconcile. I want something I HAVE to do when I get up in the mornings besides pee.

Yes, I am financially secure in retirement. I don't need a paycheck. But I still want my job back.
I created a job......working the fleamarket and rallys on the weekend.....then durring the week I spend my time getting ready or doing orders for the next weekend!

other than that I play tourist. or go window shopping.....or find some other sap like myself and play cards , chess or attempt to hike or ride the bike around!!!

find another dweller that has problems that needed help to fix them. and see if an extra set of hands will help......and walk an extra block so I dont have to pass by the funeral home!!!!!!!
Hi Jean...I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel the need for something more purposeful to do. Forced out of my field by health issues, there's not a lot I can do physically. I find there's not many people who need nor want the "benefit of my experience".

I've learned to goof off a lot Big Grin I waste time every time I get the chance. I move/walk slower and am still learning to be in a hurry about anything. I sleep odd hours and have no schedule and the day seems to evaporate.
It doesn't fill the need, I'm learning to deal with that.

In our travels we try to land places that will keep us interested for a couple weeks. On bikes, we tour whatever sights are around and sorta get to know the place. In Quartzsite for the winter, we've found all kinds of things to see and do with shows/events scheduled all season.

Its hard to make the switch, as some of us were instilled with a solid work ethic....not to mention being creatures of habit....I guess.
I dreamed of being a hobo my whole life. I'm living the dream.
When the boredom is killing you, when you've read so many books your head hurts, when looking at one more tree, creek or vista feels like every other f-ing tree, creek or vista...

Do something a little dangerous and a little $tupid, something that will give you an adrenal rush. Fear always puts things back in perspective for me.

Find out where a big angry protest is going on and join up (I do this pretty often) or create your own. Find dangerous and $tupid people and do what their doing (ultra lights, zip lines, bungie jumping, uh other things etc) or (worst choice) get yourself into a bad situation you gotta work hard to get out of (rig stuck in mud, get lost in a bad area, bad people looking for you, etc. though most of these I really don't suggest but have happened to me)

You got the freedom, what your lacking in is the adventure.
When we first got our dog, she had some behavior issues. One of the concepts that the trainer shared with us is that "she needed a job" to be happy. I remember thinking, "just like me." Unfortunately, before retirement, it was more like my job had me, rather than me having a job. I'm so grateful that I'm not in that state of being any longer.

Now, I find travel most enjoyable when I have a job or task in mind, like exploring the National Parks, photographing the sights, sharing my experiences on a blog, or visiting friends/family across the nation.

Also, another task or job I've embraced is living simply. I say it's a "job" because I have to work at it -- when I'm downsizing my possessions, looking at cool gadgets in the stores, packing my car for an extended trip, etc. I don't think I'll ever finish this simple living job, it's more of a life style.

I also volunteer with some online communities with whom I feel a kinship. This gives me a few daily "housekeeping" activities to complete with satisfaction. And, it's something I can do while on the road. Then, finally, I volunteer with the National Park Service because I love the mission, places and the work that they do. It's just a very part-time summer "job," but I get to be with people who share similar values in some of the most beautiful, amazing, enjoyable places in the world.

I've been retired now for almost 6 years and I haven't earned a dime since. But, I have felt the satisfaction and happiness that comes from completing jobs well done. I figure that if I can turn my passions into "jobs " in which I can joyfully provide service, then I'm a happy camper, just like my puppy dog Smile

Suanne ... camping next to a lake in Louisiana
I know exactly what you mean. Right now working on the van is what I do. I get an occasional side job, but on days like today when my back is out~~~It is hard to get up to go pee.

All I can suggest is to look up the tourist free things to do, and make a schedule. For example, I was in Branson a couple of months ago. I stopped in at Dicks Five & Dime, and spent the next four hours spending $15 buying things I have needed for a long time, but could not find. (And 5 cent candy!) I blew my schedule, and missed going to the College of the Ozarks Museum where the Beverly Hillbillies truck is.

It took me two years to get over that. I finally just drove into a forest, camped alone with just my dog for four weeks. No place to go (except to town once a week for supplies and laundry), nothing to do. Ran out of reading material pretty quickly. No internet, no phone service. Occasionally, a short conversation with another camper.

I realized I had done my time, made my contribution, and now it's time to just breathe. No demands, no expectations, no drama. Just peace.

Best wishes.
(02-20-2014, 02:06 PM)Zil Wrote: [ -> ]I dreamed of being a hobo my whole life. I'm living the dream.

HEAR! HEAR! I have plenty of personal projects on the go and just like meeting good people and BS'ing with beer on the go around a campfire. ..Willy.
(02-20-2014, 02:06 PM)Zil Wrote: [ -> ]I dreamed of being a hobo my whole life. I'm living the dream.

Now you got me going.
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