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Full Version: TT Skirting -- What would you use?
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If you had unlimited $$$ and time and were going to skirt an RV for insulating purposes, what would you use? Parked long term but needs to be removable; i.e., nothing permanent, like concrete.
Vinyl siding with foamboard behind it with a small vent front and back??
ditto....Vinyl Soffit siding and foamboard insulation.......would also lay plastic down and pull the unit ontop of it
Should have said a good look.
Thank you, Bindi & Mike. I was thinking along those lines, also.

Lucky Mike: Why would you put plastic on the ground? The TT is parked on a solid gravel surface, and yes, it does rain here on occasion. I hadn't even thought of anything like that but now you have me thinking.

I will definitely put an access door/panel because I plan to store a few things underneath (a ladder, for one) that I would like to keep out of sight.

In my van, I used two layers of reflectix (air space between the layers) and double fabric curtains. Works pretty good but if the weather gets too yuck, I just relocate.

This trailer is now my home base and will stay parked, unless I have to revert to Plan B. It is small (15') and has only three windows. After the first winter storm, the lousy venetian blinds were worthless, of course, so I purchased a water heater blanket (R-18!), cut it to fit over the inside edges of the window, sealed the cut edges with gaffer's tape, and velcro'd it to the walls. It works GREAT! Little to no condensation on the windows and the inside surface of the blanket is warm, even in the coldest weather (teens). Wish I could say that about the walls!

So what do you think...if I could use the vinyl soffit and foam board idea and somehow attach something like the water heater blanket to the inside of that...overkill? Attractant for rodents/insects? Reasons why I shouldn't do that?

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas! I appreciate it!
Some use what's called a barn heater under their trailer (with skirt) during freezes.
I waz thinking maybe a hula skirt mysself!!

well....I've seen motorhomes wearing 'em!! Big Grin
What about hay bales? Tuck them under so they are out of the rain and cover them with a heavy mil plastic sheet and they will give lots of insulation, break the wind and give with the trailer as it shifts with the cold.
Hay can cost from $9-15 depending on where and season, straw is a little cheaper. Both are more of an invitation to rodents and bugs. Hay bales weigh 80-140 lbs and are great if you need a workout.

Vinyl soffit is about $10-12 for 12' x 12", plus the foam, a few 1x2s and screws for support and it all can be gotten at your big box lumber store.

Plus, if for some reason you need to store the vinyl and foam its much easier than hay/straw and it lasts forever.

Colder climate, use thicker foam for more Rs.

Properly supported a TT shouldn't "shift" with cold temps. Vinyl/foam will come very close in terms of expansion and contraction. Using a "J" channel at the top (attached under bottom edge of TT) made for this purpose eliminates any problems, should they occur.

Installed siding for years.

Oh, did I mention it looks darn nice and you can get it in colors too Wink

Bob: I considered hay/straw bales. The TT is parked in an RV park, way out in the country, surrounded by The Wild. I feel pretty certain that some cute bunny rabbits would find it a Great Place to raise a family, and another family, and another family, ad infinitum. And I don't know how the owners would like the look of that. Their rules, ya know. Bleh!

Bindi: Barn heater--note to self to check into those. J-channel--never heard of it, never worked with siding, but how hard can it be? ROFL! That's what I said when I built out my van all by myself, never having done anything like that before. Some things had to be done more than once, but it turned out pretty good for an amateur job.

Patrick: Don't tempt me! I think a hula skirt around the outside would be pretty danged cool! Hmmmm.....

Many thanks to all!
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