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Full Version: This is kinda cute
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Lots of good ideas. I especially like the ones where something is used in a different way than originally intended.
I loved the article. I will use several of these hints in my current van remodel. Bath towel rack from a flat paper towel holder, why didn't I think of that? The elastic and staples idea will help organize the interior of my wine box medicine cabinet too. Thanks for sharing!
The slide out! That will allow me to do my TV shelf! Thank you!
Some nice ideas. Thanks for the link!
Lots of good ideas - I loved the veggie hammock. thanks Smile
Lots of cool ideas there.

You can also reduce the number of broom/mop handles by getting the kind that is threaded together. That way you only need one handle. We use a light weight 4' alum paint pole that expands. It stores easily, and fits the broom & mop, and I use it for my window squeegees too.

The little hammocks come in lots of sizes (often used on boats) and are great to store all sorts of stuff.
Lots of great ideas as I plan my space, and thanks to bindi&us for the idea of having only one handle. I've always hated having all the mop, broom, etc taking up so much space. Anything to condense is great.
Oh man. My space is terribly inefficient in light of this.
LOVE some of these ideas!!!
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