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Full Version: Portable Laundry Machines?
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Well since I'm currently living in a studio apartment I want to purchase a portable washer and dryer unit for now and hopefully be able to hook them up in my future sprinter conversion. I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with these small apartment sized units? I seen Dometic makes an RV specific Washer/Dryer combo unit but I am not sure if I'd want to purchase that now and use in my studio for now. Any way's thanks in advance for the input.

I guess it would depend on how you are planning to travel....if your going park to park you would have all the water(28 gal. per load) and power to run it.

if not a 5 Gal. pail & Plunger make a great washer and a simple drying rack!!

or research a panda Washer & spinner....I have one in the closet , it is the size of a 32 qt. cooler and does a real good job and easy to store Best thing I've seen. Even thinking about buying it myself... If I don't have room for an RV combo!
I've been looking at the Panda's and the Sonya units. I do like that the Sonya is a washer and spin dryer in one unlike the the Panda which uses two seperate compartments. Both do look nice though. The dometic seems just to be to much of a unit and quite heavy.
bucket and a line I live in a stix and bricks but my clothing is usually wool so that means hand wash and that means clean fingernails and attention to details PS My underwear is exofficio
We have lots of time as full timers, so a coin laundry works great for us.
When boondocking, we have to break camp to go dump tanks every couple weeks, so its a day for shopping, laundry, and a meal out.
For us its more stuff to take up space and something else to take care of or go wrong. Plus, we only have a 70 gallon fresh water tank and parks usually have a laundry also.

We're all about less, not more stuff.
Used to have one that I made from a new toilet plunger.
I used to use a Wonder Washer, a vintage wringer and a clothes line. Wasn't too great out here in NM since I ended up with clean, muddy clothes. I hate dust storms. I even did the full size sheets in the wonder washer. Now I have a super capacity washer and an LP dryer. Much more convenient than schlepping down to the park laundry. Plus the machines are getting a bit icky since we have so many oil field workers here. But then I have paint tint in most of my work clothes that washes out in the washer (and the Shout Colour Catcher does a great job of keeping it from redepositing on my clothes). By the time the washer is ready to fill the tub again, the 30 gallon water tank has refilled (our water filters knock the water flow down a lot). We will be adding another 30 gallon tank in a few weeks. This will increase our fresh water to the planned 60 gallons. I love my washing machine. Having a washer and dryer on board makes my life so much easier.
I vote for the 5 gallon bucket, toilet plunger, and clothes line. works great I much prefer to hang my clothes on the line to dry, solar dryer as green as you can get. highdesertranger
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