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Full Version: Looking for small speaker that runs on 12v
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I'm in the market for speakers to hook my computer and phone up to. I thought I found some computer speakers that use a 12v wall adapter but they do not seem to want to be plugged directly into my van's electrical system. I tried all sorts of noise eliminators to no avail. I've been running them off my inverter but I'd rather not use that any more than I have to.

Has anyone found something they like? I do not want a subwoofer, just a couple of desktop speakers or something similarly sized will do.
I was given this last Christmas, loved it but ended up giving it to a friend who needed it more than I did:

It is kind of pricey, but what I liked about it is that I could feel confident if I accidentally knocked it on the floor/ground, toted it around in a backpack colliding with other things, took it with me to the basketball court, whatever. Also the surface is rubber, so it had a "stickiness" that was useful for putting it on the dash of my friend's pickup truck (which did not have a stereo in it). Stayed put on tight curves and sudden stops, etc. For a portable speaker it has the ability to push out plenty of volume, and the sound quality is quite good. A lot of those portable speakers don't give you much bass but this one was great in that department. I never had a need to try out its waterproofness but I suppose that's kind of a cool feature if you wanna go singin' in the rain...
Thanks for the tips - I wound up splurging a bit on this one here:

It runs on 12v and seems to be taking a charge from the van just fine. I had the same buzzing I did with the computer speakers when I ran it using the line in cable, but using bluetooth it's gone! I also have one less cable to manage.

Sound is very good and more than loud enough. It's also "weatherproof" and has 8 hour battery life so I could take it with me if I wanted, though I'm not sure when I would need to do that.
Bluetooth wireless is positively the "in" thing. Way better than using a cord, no matter what the audio purists out there say, haha! This is the first speaker I've seen that's advertised as weather proof. Care to test it out in the rain and snow?! Joke!

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Thanks for the tips - I wound up splurging a bit on this one here:
The Humming you hear with the wire, is a ground loop.

I eliminated my charging humm with a ground loop isolator.

My sister has some bluetooth Bose speaker that occasionally sounds excellent, for its size. I've found at times though, that there is a weird fragmented sound to the music. Like somebody is switching both the balance and fader back and forth rapidly. Strangely she does not hear it, but it irks me greatly.

Not a new product, but when these first came out I was stunned by the sound that came from the thing:

I'm sure newer products will sound better. I regularly use this with my laptop when I do not feel like plugging it into my Van's stereo, or I am trying to save battery power.

I had two, one went wacky, one still works. I use it regularly. Sometimes it resides in my tool belt, for when I can't or shouldn't wear ear buds. Used to be able to get 8 hours at full volume, now it is down to 4.