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Full Version: Principles of "leave no trace" ethics
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Each principle has a link to its own page that will show you skills in accomplishing the "leave no trace" ideas
Thanks Starlight - that's especially important when the cops are on your trail.

Just kidding.

It has been my observation that the amount of damage done to the outdoors is proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed.


OH, so that's why they call it "idiot oil". Always use it carefully and NEVER try to replace it with a safer item like hooch.
Short version: Don't be a dick. :-)
The good news is the great majority are good, decent people and treat the land with deep respect.

The bad news is that the few who actually seem to hate the land do an incredible amount of damage both to the land and to the rights of the majority who leave no trace.
It saddens me whenever I see the forests trashed. Our local dump sites have stopped allowing free dumping, and now we are seeing trash just dumped in the woods on the side of forest roads again.
I always try to adhere to "Pack it in, pack it out!"
We have a road that bypasses going through the city and cuts right over the hill to the ocean. It's a gorgeous drive...or, it 'used' to be!!

over just the past few years, more and more people have started dumping their trash and old used appliances, trailers, and couches along this beautiful road.

oh, about once a year the prison crew will come out and do a road clean-up out there, and everybody will comment on how nice it looks once again.

but before too long, the slobs will be back and ruin it all over again!!!

Is it that terribly hard to find a place to take your trash without dumping it all over the roadside??????? Angry Angry Angry
it's a sad day when people have no respect. I guess like everything else it's always been with us, it's just sad. once I could not find a place to dump a garbage bag full of trash no dumps no transfer stations. so I stopped at a state park and asked them where I could throw my trash out at, they didn't know. so I asked if I could dump it there they said no. so I asked how much it cost to use the park they said 6 bucks I said can I throw my trash away if I used the park and they said yes(this was after they discussed it among themselves). so I paid the 6 bucks drove in dumped my trash bag and left. this was also sad. highdesertranger
It is very sad that you paid 6 bucks to do the right thing.SadSad Jan
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