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Full Version: Is it wise for me to move into a Van now?
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I am a 32 year old man that is single but is it a good choice to move into a Van?

I own a pretty nice car (babe magnet thing) but I am broke out of my mind. (want to sell for a Van) I'm debating whether to move into a Van and get a job in the cities... but my social life will be practically nil. I don't know what to do. I don't want to regret and waste some youth that I have left, but then again why not make more money for later... The ladies like the money, but they also don't like living in a Van so much... I haven't told many people about my Van plan yet.

A friend told me "why live in a van, when houses are so cheap right now.. and they gain equity over time, might as well get a woman and a house " ... that all sounds good... but I don't know about this small town social click here.... it seems better to just get a Van and go to the cities and pound out paychecks with no rent expense.... do that for 7 years and be 40 with some money... because I am so piss poor right now. I can barley make it... and when your poor.. it really makes you feel uncomfortable. but when I'm 40... who knows.. ya know, I want children I guess.... and all that. 7 years of Van dwelling memories I'd have to live with... which can be ok... but I might regret soo much of the unknown alternative of family and house

so, idk what to do
I wouldn't do anything drastic right now, take some time and think about it. All I know is that I knew I wanted to live on the road, but I listened to everybody else and bought a small house, I had a decent place to live but I couldn't go out and do anything because I was still broke all the time.  I guess I had to find out what I didn't want to really understand what I did want.
  I gave up on trying to plan so far ahead, I guess you just gotta try to do what's right for you in the moment.
  Anyway, good luck with whatever you do!

I agree with Katelynn. Don't do anything until you know better what you really want.

Having said that. Testing out the mobile life and then returning to a sticks & bricks life is easier than in the reverse. Doubly so if you started a family and they are unwilling to go with you.

I would not suggest going into vandwelling without conviction. Even though none of us is ever as "sure" as we'd like to be about the choices we make, you are expressing significant doubts about this path. If finding the life partner and future co-parent of your children is your priority, and you think vandwelling hinders that (and I think you're right) then don't do it. If saving money is the priority and you can work and live in the van while you do it, then you should strongly consider the financial savings. In the second case, you can still meet people at work, through friends of friends, etc. and they don't need to know you are vandwelling - at least not immediately.

There is a middle path, find less expensive housing in which you could still pursue your social goals. Rather than Apt or House rentals, I would recommend looking for in-law units or shared houses where you have kitchen privileges and a room within the household. Many folks are renting rooms out now, whether to add income or simply don't like living alone in a big house, there are some deals out there if you can cohabitate. Good luck, & don't despair, you sound like a bright guy and will figure this out - B

What is most important in life? Financial Security, prestige, family, friends, doing something you feel is worthwhile,? Only you can decide. Work to achieve that main goal, and the rest will fall in place around it. Without a goal to strive for, you will attain nothing. Your priorities will change as life goes on - count on it - but decide what's most important RIGHT NOW and strive for it. When your priorities change, then adapt and work for your new goal.

We can't tell you any more than that.
While everybodies suggestions have been reasoned and wise, I'm going to go the other way and say follow your heart, sell that car, buy a van and move into it. What good is a safe life lived without any risk of failure or possibility of great happiness? Take a chance and make a leap of faith. What's the worst that can happen, you miss the social life and want to get back into a house to search for a female companion. Maybe you are forced to drive a van for a few years instead of the babe magnet. Seems like a pretty small risk to me. Whats the best that can happen? You find a new way of life that you love and brings you joy!. What's most likely to happen? Vandwelling is okay but you keep doing it because you are saving so much money. The babes will just have to wait.

One way is fear-based, safe but boring and bland. No great losses but no great rewards. The other is risky, adventure-based. Some chance of loss, but even greater chance of a real reward. To me its a no-brainer, sell that thing and get a van!! Bob

I'm with Bob. Go for the adventure now, nothing will stop you from settling, later, if thats what you want. 



I'm in the Katelynn situation, but when I complete my van, i want to be roadbound (Im going a little crazy with this build), and maybe rent out the house.  I totally hear ya about the ladies situation, but I'm thinking of just boondocking on public lands during the week, and then spoiling myself with a hotel room (3 star, at least) during the weekends.  A casino, perhaps? 

I don't care what women say publicly (about going to hotel rooms, and not being classy), but I have seen that women love it (kinda like their own version of  And before I get pummeled, let me clarify that "most" of these contacts were while in a work capacity...  Although some were not 
So, on weekends I'll be spiffy, and during the week I'll be hiding from my crazy

What you'll find on this site is an abundance of various personalities, traits and experiences that will be extremely helpful to you (and the like).   Fear of loneliness is normal, in my opinion, and like Nike says, "Just do it".   As for chick magnets, look what I built/painted by myself, only to sell it, as you should do.  Yeah, I miss her, but money talks...  And that money is building my 4x4

[Image: untitled-2.jpg]

Quote:What good is a safe life lived without any risk of failure or possibility of great happiness?

So all of us who went the stick and brick route suffer from a lack of great happiness. Damn, I didn't know that. now I'm depressed for the first time in my life...


Bob, different things make different things happy. Nothing in the world could grant me the happiness I've known with my wife. Yes, we live together, made a home together, raised a family together, travel together, do almost everything together, but the joy of it all is the togetherness. Without that, there would be none [joy].

There's also the joy of watching a son step out and make his mark in the world. What greater happiness is there than that?

Kindly don't feel sorry for those of us who have worked for a traditional home.

Each must find their own path to happiness - and decide exactly what it is that makes them happy. Your way, or my way, might not be his.

Since you asked for opinions, I'll share mine.

If you sell your car, buy a van, and outfit it for living in, you can find out if this is a life you can adapt to and enjoy. This does not preclude going back to your current situation if you find later that it is not for you.

It will also give you the opportunity to have uncommited income from your salary... which you can choose to save for future financial freedom and still spend some to enjoy the female company you also desire.

You are 32? Here's a quote that says it all ...

"Twenty years from now
you will be more disappointed
by the things that you didn't do
than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover."
Mark Twain

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