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Hi, I was reading your latest post and saw you had mentioned macabi skirts.  I had never heard of them but after looking them up I can see why they would be a great investment!  What a great find thanks!
katelynn, i can't tell you enough how much i love those skirts!  an FYI, though....right now, most of the skirts they have are not made of supplex.  i saw one recently, and the current fabric is a little stiffer and not as much to my liking. i'm holding out for the new supplex due in a few weeks. 
When workamping, I usually am able to do my laundry where I am staying. When stealth urban van dwelling, I use laundro mats and friends' houses (if I have friends in the area). I also hand wash clothes sometimes, usually in public restrooms.

However, last week I stumbled upon a fantastic (however dorky) idea..Why not hand wash a few things while in the shower? When on the road in a truck stop shower, get your dollar's worth and wash a few items in the shower. It's multi-tasking at its best. I use the small Method laundry detergent because it hardly takes up any room..You can just throw it in your bag with your soap, shampoo, etc and quick wash a few also gives me a reason to stand under the hot water just a little while longer..When you don't get a real shower very often it's warranted to stay in there for a while.

I have a couple multi-purpose hooks mounted in my van that I can use to run a  clothesline, however I prefer rural settings so I usually don't have a problem drying things outside.

Have you guys heard of this ...

This will work for those times when a washing machine isn't anywhere near. The nice thing is they've got a couple of videos on where consumer groups have tersted it, and it's proven out.


I have been washing clothes in the shower for years especially when traveling in other countries....
I use Dr. Bronners castile soap for most everything...excellent soap and can even be used for teeth brushing...



i haven't tried this, but have read it works. if you're in the moving from one place to another mode, use a 5 gallon bucket with lid. put some clothes in it add water and detergent, and put the lid on. after a few hundred miles dump the soapy/dirt water and add clean water, and drive some more.

i'm guessing this would take a few refills of clean water to rinse well and some experimenting. 

do i know how to shut down a thread, or what?
hahahaha ... for a while I thought I was doing the same when I first got here.

my method for clothes washing is a round plastic screw top barrel,the type you use for home brewing,1/2fill with water & wool mix and while travelling it slops around in the bucket,empty, no need to rinse and hang to dry.This is for light clothes only.Linen,jeans etc go to the laundry mat.This is when on holidays. Have used this method for over 20yrs travel in Australia,barrel usually last for 5-6yrs as road corrigations do eventually rub holes in the plastic.

Ozzie roamer
Nice! Normally I would just outsource all my laundry to an Asian, but since I already am. Yeah, sucks to be me.
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