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Full Version: Washing Clothes
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can you build railroads too?


That's funny Steve...

You know I've never tried to build one, but I have the strange feeling I'd rock at that too. And why do I keep craving beef noodle soup?!?
Looking for anybody that has actually used the LAUNDRY POD ($100) available from HSN.COM and on Sept 1 from Amazon?? Design looks good like a salad spinner but wondering how much it blue jeans for example...and not just underwear or t-shirts???? Steve linked to the WONDERWASH ($60) available lots of places but the design doesn't seem to be as good as the more expensive Laundry Pod....
I wish! The laundry pod was only released for sale this quarter so I don't know of anyone who owns one. There aren't a lot of places selling it yet either.

I don't know anyone here who owns a Wonderwash, but I did find a few videos on youtube of regular people doing person reviews of it.

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