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Hi all, I was wondering what you all do for washing your clothes. Do you just go to the local laundromat or do you hand wash? If you do hand wash, do you have some sort of clothes line system? Also do you have problems with wrinkles?

hi! i voted "other" because i do both. alot of my clothing is selected because of it's easy washability and quick drying. i use laundomats for heavy and large items like jeans or blankets, or when everything piles up on me!  i wash smaller, lighter stuff by hand or in my 5 gal. bucket with plunger. i LOVE living in the desert cause clothes dry so fast on creosote bushes! i have a rod across the rear of the van for hanging stuff inside, but it needs to be wrung out really well first. i carry some light line to string between trees if i can.
Thanks for your input Katie. I figured that both might be needed. I know when I wash my pants on backpacking trips and air dry they get real wrinkly.
oh, yeah, about wrinkles....i haven't owned an iron in decades. i just don't buy anything that wrinkles, or else that can be dried at the laundromat and removed quick to avoid them. i am a fan of macabi skirts which can be worn several ways, and trail pants that zip off to go from pants to shorts. easy to care for and multi-purpose!
My mom suggested a spray on product Febreeze wrinkle remover. I guess you spray it on and tug it wrinkle free. Works good she says, but I'm trying to get away from unnatural chemicals and more back to nature as much as possible on a budget. Might work for some of you though
Mouldy, I can't say anything about the chemical content, but my wife loves the fabreeze stuff. She sprays everything except mee! She says it's cheaper to make your own with a few drops of fabric softener and fill the rest of the bottle with water. Me? Im a contractor, jeans and boots with a t shirt or sweatshirt. I could not care less about wrinkles, though I do fold my clothes before I put them away.I like the " crunch" clothes have when you line dry them too.
I hear ya on the construction clothes Les. Been doing it for ten years in the summers. Good idea with the fabric softener and water! My non-working clothes I do care about a bit as I do not have a wife (of gf for that matter) and would like to have one someday .
I have never thought washing your own clothes in a 5 gallon bucket was practical. But there is a fellow here at the RTR that does his own in buckets and makes it sound like it could be more practical than I think. I'm sorry to wet your appetite without details, but I am hoping he will be here long enough to do a few loads, if so i will take pictures and write an article. I have become terribly busy, so don't think it will be anytime soon. I'll ask for a cliffs note version tonight and try to report back here soon. Bob
Washing clothes in the 5 gal bucket is easy. It's wringing them out well enough for them to dry quickly that can be a challenge in colder weather. Wringing by hand is doable, but for some with arthritis it may not be an option. How does Katie wring her clothes? A mechanical device would be cool, but I'd not want to break buttons on clothing.
haha, mouldy, that's sweet! maybe you'll find a vandweller-minded GF who won't mind your wrinkles 

RVT, since hand surgery and nerve damage (untreated carpal tunnel) i have very weak hands, that's why i don't often wash heavy stuff like jeans....when i am at the farm, it doesn't matter as much, cause i can hang them fully wet in the shower or over the porch railing to drain and ultimately dry. 

i have downsized my clothing even more this fall. i am going to be living mostly in my macabi skirts and one pair of convertible trail pants, lightweight wool leggings and zip t-shirts, lightweight tanks. wool and supplex nylon, all pretty odor resistant and easy to wash. think layers! it's working pretty good right now. 

i've tried the no-rinse laundry method of washing with ammonia, but have a hard time with that, and don't think it's good for the technical fabrics and silk. i've been using Eucalan wool wash which is great for what i wear, no harsh chemicals or odors, although it is definitely pricey stuff. i get by with so little, though, it's what i use unless i go to the launromat, where i use an unscented liquid.
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